What ARE Annual Returns ?

This Document Presents An Up To Date Snapshot Of All Directors And Officers Of The Company, Share Capital As Well As Company Debts.

When Conducting Company Business, Banks And Other Stakeholders Will Request The Most Recent Annual Returns.

When Should A Company File An Annual Return??

The Law States That A Company Should File An Annual Return No Later Than 30 Days After Each Anniversary Date Of Its Continuance, Incorporation Or Amalgamation At The Companies Registrar.

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No Weapon formed Against you will Prosper

She welcomed three bundles of joy last Friday night. She groomed the first kitten and look at him in astonishment. She was a mommy,she gave birth to her kittens under my staircase. The same spot that I placed her,to die comfortably ,six months ago. She suffered an injury to her mouth after she attempted to run across the street and a car ran into her. At the time,she experienced great pain and could not eat her food to regain strength. I put her favorite blanket and chew toy and smiled as I expected her departure.

Six months later,in this same spot,she gave birth to 3 lovely kittens. I reflected on life. Sometimes people think that they have set you up for failure . They devise plans and schemes to orchestrate your demise . The universe will serve you justice and you will prosper where your enemies intended for you to perish.

Great things are on their way to you,because no weapon formed against you will be able to prosper. Every wicked plan for your life will return void unto the sender.

The Author is an attorney at law in Trinidad. She specializes in Financial Crimes .

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What to do when you are stuck : Action deactivates Fear

Stark working on your problem today. Action will bring forth the answer that you seek. If you wait for inspiration, you will become comfortable in your inaction. Make an attempt, take a baby step today. Make a note of what you did. I spoke to a farmer recently, he said that it all started for him when he bought a couple of baby chickens. He cared for them, fed them , and watched them with great affection. He ensured that no snakes were around to harm them. He subsequently acquired additional animals, and started planting produce. He made a start. He pursued his destiny with a small step. Despise not the day of small beginnings, he learned eventually what times to feed the baby chickens and what times they liked resting.

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The author is an attorney at law in Trinidad. She specialises in Anti Money Laundering, Countering the Financing of Terrorism and Financial Crimes. See the website :http://asydneygroup.com Instagram @asydneygrouptt Whats app 868 373-1166

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What is CFT? :Countering the Financing of Terrorism:AML Compliance Consultants

What is Terrorism?
Terrorism is the calculated, premeditated use of unlawful violence to cause panic or advance a political, religious, ideological cause.

Financing of Terrorism
Funding of terrorism involves providing funds from both legal (personal donations and profits from businesses and charitable organizations ) and or illegal sources (the drug trade, the smuggling of weapons and other goods, fraud, kidnapping and extortion), directly or indirectly or knowing that the monies are to be used to finance terrorism activity or organizations according to FINTRAC.


Terrorism is financed in order to:
Promote militant ideology;
Purchase food for recruits;
Purchase weapons;
Pay operatives;
Arrange for travel;
Train new recruits;
Forge documents;
Pay bribes;
Acquire land;
Stage attacks.

How to proceed when it is discovered that a potential or existing customer is a terrorist ?
As soon as a financial institution or listed business receives the list of designated entities or the consolidated list referred to in section 22AA(2)(c) or (e), the following procedures shall apply:
(a) the financial institution shall immediately inform the FIU on the prescribed form, if any person or entity named on either list has funds with the financial institution or listed business;
(b) if the financial institution or listed business has reasonable grounds to believe that a person or entity named on either list has funds in Trinidad and Tobago, it shall immediately inform the FIU on the prescribed form;
(c) (Deleted by Act No. 14 of 2012); and
(d) if a person or entity named on that list attempts to enter into a transaction or continue a business relationship, the financial institution or listed business shall submit a suspicious activity report to the FIU immediately and shall not enter into or continue a business transaction or business relationship with such person or entity.

The law requires that the transaction and by extension, the business relationship be brought to an end and a Suspicious Activity/Transaction Reported be submitted by the Compliance Officer to the FIU.

Anti Terrorism Act of Trinidad and Tobago,PART III FINANCING OF TERRORISM 22AB

The author is an attorney at law in Trinidad. She specialises in Anti Money Laundering and Financial Crimes. Website http://asydneygroup.com

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What does the way you walk say about you? A Lesson from the Magic of Thinking Big

I have always been teased about the way I walk. I walk quickly, I pass people by on the sidewalks as though a dog is chasing me. I am oftentimes told that I would get a speeding ticket. I simply laugh at these jokes. In response, I say that I am “on a mission”. I could be n my way to class, on my way to the office or about to meet a friend, I walk with purpose.

Increasing your walking pace by 25% was one of the confidence building exercise in the Magic of Thinking Big . The author told of the games his mother played that consisted of watching passersby and observing their walking. His mother advised him that there was much to learn from observing the walking habits of people. The author said that psychologists link poor posture and sluggish walking to low self confidence. Psychologists also say that our attitudes can be changed by improving out posture and by increasing our speed of movement.

The author described 3 different groups of people based on their walking patterns. The first group are the “beaten people”, they “shuffle and stumble along through their life”. The second group of people are average and so is their walk, average. The last group of people exude “superconfidence” in the words of the author. These people walk faster than average, there is a sprint in the way they walk. Their walk tells the world “ I’ve got someplace important to go, something important to do”. Moreover, it tells the onlooker that the walker will succeed at anything he is about to do. The author advised that we should “throw our shoulders back, lift up our head and walk a little faster and feel confidence grow.

The Author i an attorney at law based in Trinidad. She specialises in Anti Money Laundering and Fraud Risk Management. See website http://asydneygroup.com

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You Cannot Escape Your Destiny

Let it be. Be receptive to new opportunities and the universe will present them. Your current situation is not your final destination.

Do not become comfortable . The lessons that you learn in your way will be invaluable . You will become a person of immense value.

In this new year , things will change for you. The planets will align and you will be proud of your accomplishments. The things that you pray about will come to past. After all, you cannot escape your destiny .

The author is an attorney at law based in Trinidad.She specialises in AML/CFT and Fraud Risk Management . Website : http://asydneygroup.com

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Pine and Ginger or so the song goes. This is another idea that will bring you many happy returns. Pineapples can be purchased wholesale and then peeled and cut into circles. Seasonings can be prepared including chive, celery, chadon beni. Condiments such as salt and pepper can be added. Additionally a pepper sauce can be made and added to the pineapple chow on the customer’s request.

The skin from the pineapple can be boiled and cooled. Thereafter sugar and spices can be added to taste. This can be poured into a bottle and offered for sale. You may look at Youtube for preparation techniques.

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What is AML?

AML is an acronym for Anti Money Laundering. There is an evolving jurisprudence around this subject matter. I have prepared a free training session on this on Youtube.

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The author is an attorney at law based in Trinidad and Tobago. She specializes in Anti Money Laundering and Financial Crimes.


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How Do You Register Your Business in Trinidad ?

There are  two steps in registering a business as a sole trader in Trinidad and Tobago namely:

  1. Application for Name Approval/Name Reservation and;
  2. Preparing and filing the Application for Registration by an Individual.

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1.The Name Approval / Name Reservation includes the applicant’s name, address, contact information, the proposed name of the business and the nature of the business.

The applicant signs the bottom of the form, however an incorporator, accountant or attorney at law can sign for and on behalf of the applicant only with respect to the Application for Name Approval.

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The relevant fees are paid to the cashier and the receipt is stamped with the date of return for the applicant. This is usually five to seven working days. If the Registrar has an issue with the proposed name, a query will be placed on the application. When the applicant returns to collect the name search results, the query must be satisfied in writing. In the event that there are no queries, the applicant will collect the name approval and proceed the next step.

2.Preparing and filing the Application for Registration by an Individual.

At this juncture, the application for Registration by an Individual must be completed and submitted together with the name approval that was previously collected.  Details such as the business name, principal place of business, nature of the business, full name of the applicant must be included in this form. Only the applicant can sign this form and a copy of photo identification must also be submitted with the application to verify the signature of the applicant. The relevant fees are paid and the cashier issues a receipt with the stamped date for the applicant to return, usually five to seven working days. Once this application is approved, the certificate will be produced and ready for collection by the applicant.

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A.Sydney is an attorney at law by profession in Trinidad and Tobago. She specializes in AML/CFT Compliance, Taxation and provides Corporate Secretarial Services.

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Updated 11th February 2019

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FREE ANTI MONEY LAUNDERING TRAINING : For listed businesses in Trinidad and Caribbean

My free Anti Money Laundering Training for 2019 has been uploaded on Youtube. No tricks, just free. I realised the need for free Anti Money Laundering Training especially for owners of local businesses. These listed businesses are required to make arrangements for annual training of all staff and bear the cost of same.

I have prepared this free training in order to satisfy the requirement for Anti Money Laundering Training as mandated by Regulation 6 of the Financial Obligations Regulations, Proceeds of Crime Act in Trinidad and Tobago.

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These free training sessions have been specifically tailored for listed businesses such as car dealers, real estate agents, insurance agents, lawyers, accountants, casinos, jewelers in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.

 This comprehensive FREE Training:

Defines Money Laundering:

Defines Anti Money Laundering;

Explains the 3 Stages of Money Laundering;

Discusses the Financial Intelligence Unit;

Explains Terrorist Financing;

Identifies Red Flags of Terrorist Financing;

An electronic copy of a Certificate of Attendance can be requested via email.

Other Services offered (Paid Services) :

Specialized Training offered for Front Line Employees, Managers, the Board of Directors;

External AML Audit;

Drafting Compliance Programs.

The author is an attorney at law in based in Trinidad, she has a specialized practice in Anti Money Laundering and Financial Crimes. Call or whatsapp 868 373-1166 and see website http://asydneygroup.com

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