Time is very important in the Rat Race: Trinidad Online Entrepreneur

He shouted profanities at each passerby and they crossed the street in fear or in search of safety. He did not appear to be homeless because his clothes looked clean and he was walking with a sense of direction,unlike homeless persons who tend to wander.

I hastily crossed as I usually do to avoid vehicles splashing water on me. “Run” he screamed and then repeated himself. He asked who did I think I was ? I then asked myself silently . We were walking on parallel sides of the street but I heard him clearly. He said “You are in a rat race,time, time,time “. He was obviously annoyed by the working class. He said “Run to get to your jobs, time to get to work,time to sleep, time to eat.” He exclaimed that time was our god.

I crossed Independence Square and I continued walking down Charlotte Street. I thought that I lost him,he then sped past me and continued his soliloquy. He said “Render unto Caesar, what is due to him”. I must admit that everything that he said was true. As he disappeared into a supermarket,I noticed the hardened, visible veins on his legs.

I then reflected that every day the working masses sell their time for a bribe to forget their dreams. Their ambitions are eroded by “Conflict of Interest” clauses in their employment contracts. Get out the rat race.

The author is an attorney at law based in Trinidad.She specialises in AML/CFT and Fraud Risk Management . Website : http://asydneygroup.com.

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I love doubles. For my international readers, “doubles” is a common street food in Trinidad and Tobago. It consists of  two baras (flat fried bread) filled with curry channa (curried chick peas). Extra condiments can be added for taste as well as sauces. My favourite doubles vendor sells in Curepe and I visit weekly to indulge in the delicacy. I enjoy eating the doubles standing and I usually make conversation wit the other people eating. I was devouring my third doubles and I could not get enough. I noticed a man who appeared to be homeless approaching the doubles vendor. He wore trousers without a shirt and he had no shoes. He said “Jared…Jared”, the doubles vendor who was collecting cash said “Yes. Mr Williams”. At this time I was considering buying another doubles, then Jared told the homeless man to stand to the right with the other customers who were eating doubles standing and he will be served. The homeless man complied and received his doubles. He stood there and ate his doubles, he watched me and I watched him. I was quietly impressed with the turn of events. I am used to seeing food vendors chase away homeless persons from their establishments. This time, the doubles vendors were indifferent to the financial standing of the homeless man.

Imagine a world where we respected everyone regardless of their race, sexuality or political affiliations. Imagine a world where we treated homeless persons with dignity and  kindly refused when they asked us for money. Instead we curse them and advise them to get jobs when they ask for donations. The doubles vendors displayed great professionalism in referring to the homeless man by his name, and then serving him in the same line as everyone else. There was no unequal treatment, no discrimination and I am sure the homeless man was able to hold on to his dignity.


A.Sydney is an attorney at law based in Trinidad and Tobago. She specializes in AML/CFT/Tax Compliance, and provides Corporate Secretarial Services. Feel free to explore the website for her portfolio of companies: http://asydneygroup.com .

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Struggling to Show  off: Young professionals ruin their  future by pretending to be rich & happy online

I have a problem with spending money before I physically have it. I do not own a purse or wallet. I am not sure what I would do with a purse, do I store receipts in it? Maybe I can collect coins and store it in a purse. Have you ever calculated how much money you require daily to survive? This is where a budget will assist you. You will make a list of your expenses and any monies that you have to collect. The trick is to limit your expenses. Brian Tracy, in his infinite wisdom, discussed Parkinsons Law . This law states that your expenditure will rise to meet your income throughout your earning years. The unfortunate result is that many will retire poor. To promote wealth accumulation,we must resist the urge to incur additional expenses to keep up appearances. According to Brian Tracy, it matters not how much we earn, instead,the amount we save and eventually invest will separate the masses. As young professionals,launching our career, it is tempting to create the impression that we are succeeding. However, seasoned business veterans will know that  to be successful , you must lose before you win. It alarmed me that many of my colleagues with no experience in running a business ,started their law practices. I think that within the next ten years they will see the fruits of their labour. At this juncture,the market is saturated with established law firms, specialist lawyers and unscrupulous persons pretending to be lawyers. Clients are not willing to pay lawyer fees yet they all want lawyers to do their matters. I see the plight of my colleagues as their purposes are being frustrated by a lack of cash flow from low clients. For this reason, I have found that it is not yet profitable to practice law as a young sole practitioner in Trinidad. The clients have no respect for the  lawyers’ time,advice or expertise. When the lawyers are not paid by clients  ,we cannot pay the rent for our decorated offices, we cannot pay our insurance, our vehicles may be repossessed for failure to make the monthly installments. Imagine that all of this is coupled with a young attorney trying to get a start on life after at least five years of intense studying. In an effort to appear to be successful imagine if this attorney takes a loan to purchase a car. After paying rent for an office that free loading clients visit and after making the car payments,the young hungry attorney eats salt biscuits and sardines regularly. This is quintessential of Parkinson’s law applied to young lawyers. There are also young lawyers who are employed by firms but they are underpaid and overworked.They are extremely unhappy and I lament that they are subject to such treatment.These same young professionals post pictures on social media that creates an illusion of grandeur. I pity their need for self aggrandizement as I know the true state of facts. I am yet to see snaps or stories of supermarket shopping or the preparation of a decent meal. Maybe food is prepared for my hungry friends at an unknown location. The effect of all of this showing off online is a new class of the young broke professionals. We go to dinners at restaurants that we cannot afford then order the cheapest appetizer on the menu.We go to events that we cannot pay for upfront and incur additional expenses by buying clothes and shoes . All of this we do to impress our equally broke friends . As we grow in our professions and we age we will be doing the same thing. We will take mortgages in areas that are above our salary. We will resent our career  ,go to a job that we hate, to pay for a car that was not in our pay grade from day one. Not to mention children will be added to the equation and of course they will be sent to private schools. We will have spouses who are struggling to show off just as much as we are…then of course comes the divorce and the battle for custody of the kids… naturally. By this time our lives will be in shambles. Our houses will be foreclosed upon and we will return to live with our parents. Then we will have mid life crises and realise that we wasted our lives keeping up appearances. We will regret failing to work on our relationships and marriages instead of posting pictures that made us appear  to be happy and successful online

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