Business Idea No. 1: Coconut Water Business

Do you like coconut water? In the Caribbean islands, coconut water is a refreshing , healthy drink that can be purchased from vendors. These vendors usually sell from trucks,parked near public recreational spots. Apart from this, coconut water can be purchased in a store in a bottle. Some vendors have franchises and sell at different locations, they even operate on a shift system. The coconuts are purchased wholesale or are picked from coconut fields owned by the vendors.

I heard a rumor that some person raid fields that do not belong to them and then sell the coconuts wholesale. There is a jelly inside of the coconuts, that many people enjoy. Coconut water has great health benefits and so , many persons consume it for this reason.

This is a great idea if you have a connection to purchase the coconuts.

Contact me if you need any assistance in registering this business.

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Updated 11th Feb 2019