How to use your Subconscious Mind to Accomplish Anything in Life ? MUST READ

Your subconscious is a silent observer of your thoughts,words and action . Your subconscious mind does not understand negative commands . Check your thoughts hourly , conduct a weekly audit to see if your thoughts are negative or positive .

Develop positive affirmations that are easy to remember . Purchase the beads used in meditation and repeat your chant at least 108x. Honestly believe that it will come to past ,eliminate all doubt in your mind. See yourself graduating with that degree ,imagine your spouse congratulating you on that new business .

Your subconscious mind will now bring it to reality . It is now important for you to avoid all negativity ,go on a news fast . It is done.

The author is an attorney at law based in Trinidad. She specializes in Financial Crimes and Corporate Law. She is a Certified Corporate Trainer, Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert and Certified Fraud Risk Manager.


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Time is very important in the Rat Race

He shouted profanities at each passerby and they crossed the street in fear or in search of safety. He did not appear to be homeless because his clothes looked clean and he was walking with a sense of direction,unlike homeless persons who tend to wander.

I hastily crossed as I usually do to avoid vehicles splashing water on me. “Run” he screamed and then repeated himself. He asked who did I think I was ? I then asked myself silently . We were walking on parallel sides of the street but I heard him clearly. He said “You are in a rat race,time, time,time “. He was obviously annoyed by the working class. He said “Run to get to your jobs, time to get to work,time to sleep, time to eat.” He exclaimed that time was our god.

I crossed Independence Square and I continued walking down Charlotte Street. I thought that I lost him,he then sped past me and continued his soliloquy. He said “Render unto Caesar, what is due to him”. I must admit that everything that he said was true. As he disappeared into a supermarket,I noticed the hardened, visible veins on his legs.

I then reflected that every day the working masses sell their time for a bribe to forget their dreams. Their ambitions are eroded by “Conflict of Interest” clauses in their employment contracts. Get out the rat race.

The author is an attorney at law based in Trinidad.She specialises in AML/CFT and Fraud Risk Management . Website :

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Take the little you have and make it work

Start where you are with what you have. Despise not the day of small beginnings. Use the little salary that you currently have to fund your dream.Dreams are expensive. Every month put aside cash to invest in your business.
Learn to cut costs,such as rent ,cell phone bills. Perform a monthly audit to see where your money goes.Then look at ways to spend less. Once the item is in good working condition do not afraid to buy it used. Try not to make excuses as to why you are not living your dreams. You cannot learn business by reading books or watching videos . You must actually start the business. Promote your business and reinvest profits in your own business.

The author is an attorney at law in Trinidad and Tobago and she specializes in Anti Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism . See the website and Instgram @asydneygrouptt WhatsApp 868 484-7778