You are the author of your destination

Set your goal and pursue it. It is your life after all. If you do not like something, change it. We have limited time on earth and this time should not be used to complain. It should be used to live your best life. I looked at the rain , the droplets descended upon the blades of grass. I inhaled freedom and nature kissed me. I wanted to sing and dance in the rain.
I remembered the first time that my grandmother encouraged my siblings and I to play in the rain. We made paper boats and placed them in streams of water and cheered as they followed the course of the water. I remembered innocence and childhood well. I also remembered that I dreamed about doing the things that I do today. I smile and remember that there is still much for me to do. I also remember my days on the plantation and I vow to never work harder on the job than I do on myself.
I cannot blame anyone else for my position in life, the good and the bad are the outcome of my choices. I created my own turmoil and paradise with the changes that I made. I am grateful for the trials and tribulations that made me into the woman that I am today.

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Cherish Advice from the elderly

I turned the corner and walked down Frederick Street that evening and heard screams of car horns. Looking ahead I noticed a Public Transportation bus was parked diagonally along the street, thereby stopping the flow of traffic. It was an unusual position to see a long vehicle in. The bus driver was outside the bus and seemed to be calling for technical help.
Drivers became irritated with the traffic and store workers watched as the agitation increased by the minute. One driver in a Nissan Tiida, was being instructed by a pedestrian to drive alongside the pavement in order to pass. It reminded me of persons in our lives who try to tell us how we should live our lives. There was a passenger next to the driver who was telling the driver that the vehicle could not fit. The passenger closed the side mirror because it was terribly close to a lamp post on the pavement as the driver attempted to move on. The driver inched and inched until he came to the realisation that he had to wait.
There was an elderly gentleman sitting in the bus looking on at the young man trying to pass the stalled bus. He shouted. “Wait son, wait, you will pass eventually”. After his third attempt to fit, the driver of the Tiida waited. At this juncture, the bus driver returned to his vehicle ,turned the key in the ignition and the bus started. The Tiida driver and the others were able to continue their journey.
I was amused by the pedestrian, who was not even a driver at that point in time who tried to tell the young man what to do. The driver was doubtful that he could fit, the passenger next to him echoed this sentiment. It was the elderly gentleman, sitting from an elevated vantage point, in the bus who was able to advise the driver that he should wait. In life , I am always slow to take advice from people. Sometimes, I ask them what they have produced or done to be in a position to tell me what to do. It turns out that they have done absolutely nothing and I therefore do not heed their words. Instead, I marvel at the elderly people with their years of wisdom and knowledge to share with the youth.

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Things Change with Near Death experiences

Before her accident, her elder sister would casually torture her. She would chase her around the yard, eat her food, and fight with her. Her elder brother would shun her.

The day after her accident, her brothers and sisters sat around her with heads looking at the floor. They purred and look on at their little sister being attended to. My neighbour cleaned the wound as I held the kitten up. The kitten, also called Mitsy, was involved in a car accident. The 4 kids from next door come across more often to check upon Mitsy. My neighbour bought a baby bottle and fed Mitsy with a bottle for 3 days straight. Mitsy’s mouth was injured in the accident, she lost teeth and as a result she could not eat. Mitsy survived. After 1 week of being cleaned, fed, taken for walks, Mitsy is almost back to her old tricks. Near death experiences can bring people together. People on the street, have passed asking whether Mitsy is feeling better. I am pleased to announce that she is up to her old tricks.

The author is an attorney at law based in Trinidad.She specialises in Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism. Website :
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That Mountain is just a Grain of Sand: Mothers and their Sons: Fathers and their Daughters

I stood there searching for relief. The sun descended on the horizon and the birds fled to return home. His mother spoke to him for the first time in over a year. It was an awkward introduction, because blood was needed to ensure a surplus of blood before her surgery. Strained conversations and signs of discomfort were evident. No hugs were exchanged upon our arrival at the ward of the hospital.

Fathers love their daughters just as much as much as mothers love their sons. Admit it. That’s where we got the terms “daddy’s girl” and “mama’s boy”. There are boys with mommy issues who have grown into men with mommy issues. The same applies to girls with daddy issues and by extension women with daddy issues. This is a reality.

Forgiveness is expensive. I will not sugar coat it. It sounds good, but it is difficult to do. By forgiving, you are in effect releasing yourself from a bond that you created. The anger should leave once you forgive them. It becomes tricky when you have been thriving on the bitterness. Your soul has become a dark abyss of loneliness that you try to satisfy with meaningless encounters with women or men. These are the indicators I look for when I seek to identify a man with mommy issues or a woman with daddy issues.

I can assure you, every man has a soft spot for their mother. I am not concerned with your childhood experiences. I am saying once you see the queen of your heart on a hospital bed, and you cannot rescue her, you will forgive her. You will release the yourself from the self-inflicted hostage. My dear friend, that mountain that you created with your mother or father is a grain of sand. In the face of death approaching, a rush of emotions will overwhelm you. Embrace it.

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Eating Grapes and Watermelons

I always wear comfortable shoes because I do not know what adventure is ahead of me every time that I leave my house. I visited the emancipation village in Port pf Spain last week with my friend who is completing a Master’s Degree. He wanted to get pictures to add to his book and to see the different booths available. While there he received a phone call from his relative who was in the hospital. We left the venue and visited. My friend was required to give blood ahead of a surgery the following day for his relative.  We started talking about giving blood. The relative disclosed that her friend previously gave blood and was required to undergo a number of blood tests. The doctor was impressed with the quality of the blood. The doctor was told that the donor consumed a lot of grapes and watermelon . The doctor was impressed. That day I learned that by consuming grapes and watermelon often, your blood quality will be great.

The author is an attorney at law based in Trinidad.She specialises in Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism. Website :
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You have to follow through : To leave your mark on the world

Finish what you start. Everyone must learn this lesson. There is a certain pleasure to be derived from completing that which you start. Be it a relationship, a project or a degree, finish it. Quitting is easy, Anyone can quit. It takes a certain grade of a person to continue. Life can be challenging. But do not give up. Take some time off for yourself. Take a break, but do not give up. Keep trying. Many people are critical of the new business ideas that I execute. I then ask them to show me what they have produced. Absolutely nothing. They have done nothing. Yet they criticize your efforts. Ignore them, continue trying. I have been mentoring a young man who is also an entrepreneur. He sees me twice a week. He tells me his ideas then by the following day he is executing it. He returns to tell me the progress. Some days he is happy with progress,  other days he is frustrated. But he never gives up. He has a bright future ahead of him. I enjoy sharing ideas with him, we discuss them and then follow through. It only works, if you work it. Follow through.

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Stick with it especially when you dislike it : A message to interns

Dear Interns,

Welcome to a brief introduction to the world of work. In the next two or three years, this will be your reality: the hunt for a job. You may be engaged by a company for the summer to gain working experience: make the most of it. I remember my first internship, I ensured that I asked everyone whether they needed help. This left a positive impact on management and staff, and I was invited back to work for future summers.

Things interns should do:

1.Get to work on time daily;

2.Talk to everyone and network;

3. Offer to help staff from various departments;

4.Ask questions about everything

5.Work overtime for at least 15 minutes twice a week:

6. Save any salaries that you receive;

7.Try to find out where you fit in , in the organisation;

8. Make friends with fellow interns;

9.Remember to enjoy your summer, go to the beach, movies,parties;

10.Observe the adults who are happy with their jobs and those who are bitter.

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Misery Loves Company, Know when to Excuse Yourself from the Company of Others

You will eventually learn to decline invitations to pity parties. Sometimes I listen to the plight of my colleagues. I actively listen and do not offer advice unless requested. My suggestions are oftentimes met with additional problems that results in a vicious cycle. I now excuse myself from toxic situations. We are all going through family issues, emotional issues and drama at our workplace. After a day at work, it is overwhelming to deal with the problems of friends. They do not seem to realize that it is further taxing on your already exhausted emotions. I have found that it helps to disconnect. You can remain available for one hour to communicate with others via social media, then take off your phone and recharge your emotions.

You will be of no use to yourself if you are spent all the time. Your performance at work may decline and you may even lose weight. Safe guard your emotions from vampires. They will drain you of your energy. Worst part is in your time of need, they are nowhere to be found. you have to know when to say good night and go home.


The author is an attorney at law in Trinidad. She specialises in Anti Money Laundering. See the website : .

Go Forth and Meet your Destiny

You have to find your success. What are you passionate about ? Structure your passion with your profession. You will never work another day in your life. Money will follow. It may be hard in the early stages, but despise not the day of small beginnings. Keep your head up. The time has expired for waiting for someone else to make your dreams come true. This is your life. All failures and success in your life thus far are attributable solely to you. Find out what your strengths are. Work on your weaknesses. Become the best version of you possible. Things will fall in place. If you are single, at this time, enjoy it. Use the time to develop your skills. Get a hobby, work on a project, keep your hands busy. Ten years from now, you will laugh at the things that you endured.

Always remember that there is a younger person looking at you. You may be a role model for someone. It may  be your son, or sister or a neighbor. There will also be negative people awaiting your demise. Be determined to prove them wrong. Hold the vision, go forth and meet your destiny.


The author is an attorney at law in Trinidad. She specializes in Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism. See the website : , whats app only 868 484-7778 .

Beneficial Owners: UBO : The True Owners : Anti Money Laundering Compliance

”The natural person(s) who ultimately owns or controls a customer and/or the natural person on whose behalf a transaction is being conducted. It also includes those persons who exercise ultimate effective control over a legal person or arrangement.”1
A lack of clarity over who is the ultimate beneficial owner of a company or asset clouds the ability of banks and financial institutions to carry out these checks effectively, leaving them exposed to facilitating corruption or bribery, or unwittingly funding illegal or terrorist activities. The regulatory cost of such activities can include large fines and personal prosecution for directors of financial institutions.2

Beneficial ownership identification and verification is now an essential component of the client KYC on boarding process.3
The beneficial owner is the natural person who controls an account or who exercises ultimate control over legal arrangement or who benefits from the transaction.
Although title to property or money is in another name, the beneficial owner will ultimately benefit from the transaction at the end of the day.

Why would an individual choose to be the beneficial owner?
i)Privacy-In Trinidad and Tobago, the Companies Registry and Deeds Registry are public records and the names and addresses of directors can be easily searched, once the relevant fees are paid. High net worth persons and famous persons may not want their home address available on public record.

ii)Asset Protection-Wealthy individuals who are exposed to lawsuits, divorces or those involved in Money laundering (ML) or Terrorist Financing (TF) may not want to be associated with bank accounts or assets. Funds in the bank accounts of persons suspected of Ml/TF may be seized in Trinidad.
Scandals involving Ultimate Beneficial Ownership

The Panama Papers were published in 2016. They were essentially archives of a Panamanian law firm. These archives revealed the beneficial ownership of several thousands of offshore corporations. It seems that some beneficial ownership was hidden for nefarious or illegal motives. 4
Unaoil, a Monaco-based firm registered in the British Virgin Islands and its subcontractors allegedly bribed foreign officials to help major multinational corporations (MNCs) win contracts. This type of corruption leads to political instability, undermines trust in governments and help terrorists. 5 There is a view that if companies dealing with Unaoil sought insight into beneficial ownership, legal name, tradestyle(s), organizational structure, parent companies, names of all principals/officers and industry.

The author is an attorney at law in Trinidad and Tobago and she specializes in Anti Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism . See the website and Instgram @asydneygrouptt WhatsApp 868 484-7778