What ARE Annual Returns ?

This Document Presents An Up To Date Snapshot Of All Directors And Officers Of The Company, Share Capital As Well As Company Debts.

When Conducting Company Business, Banks And Other Stakeholders Will Request The Most Recent Annual Returns.

When Should A Company File An Annual Return?

The Law States That A Company Should File An Annual Return No Later Than 30 Days After Each Anniversary Date Of Its Continuance, Incorporation Or Amalgamation At The Companies Registrar.

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How to Close Down a Company In Trinidad ?

Closing down a Company in Trinidad is a complex process. There are employees involved as well as creditors. A company may be dissolved because of irreparable damage to reputation or accruing penalties for failure to file Annual Returns .

The process to close down a company takes a minimum of 6 months. The notice of application is advertised in the Gazette and persons who are owed money may get involved .

After the application to dissolve the company is filed , a new company can be formed . The new name cannot be the same as the name of the company that was dissolved . It can be close but the records will show that your proposed name is already reserved. After the dissolving process is completed , the name will become available again.

How to dissolve the Company

File an application that will state the name of the company ,the company registration number ,the reason for dissolving the company among other things. The application must be signed by 2 directors or the Corporate Secretary of the company .


The Author is an Attorney at Law in Trinidad . She specializes in Financial Crimes and Corporate Law . She is a certified Corporate Trainer and a Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert and a Fraud Risk Manager .

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What to do when you are stuck : Action deactivates Fear

Stark working on your problem today. Action will bring forth the answer that you seek. If you wait for inspiration, you will become comfortable in your inaction. Make an attempt, take a baby step today. Make a note of what you did. I spoke to a farmer recently, he said that it all started for him when he bought a couple of baby chickens. He cared for them, fed them , and watched them with great affection. He ensured that no snakes were around to harm them. He subsequently acquired additional animals, and started planting produce. He made a start. He pursued his destiny with a small step. Despise not the day of small beginnings, he learned eventually what times to feed the baby chickens and what times they liked resting.

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What are the 3 Stages of Money Laundering ? Free FIU Training 2019

The 3 stages of ML are:




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What are the different categories of PEPS?

The following categories of PEPS are listed in Regulation 20 of the Financial Obligations Regulations (FORS).

Foreign PEPS;

Domestic PEPS;

International Organisation PEPs;

Immediate Family Members of the PEPS;

Close Associates of PEPS both professionally and personally.

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The author is an Attorney at Law based in Trinidad. She specialises in Anti Money Laundering and Fraud Risk Management.

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What does the way you walk say about you? A Lesson from the Magic of Thinking Big

I have always been teased about the way I walk. I walk quickly, I pass people by on the sidewalks as though a dog is chasing me. I am oftentimes told that I would get a speeding ticket. I simply laugh at these jokes. In response, I say that I am “on a mission”. I could be n my way to class, on my way to the office or about to meet a friend, I walk with purpose.

Increasing your walking pace by 25% was one of the confidence building exercise in the Magic of Thinking Big . The author told of the games his mother played that consisted of watching passersby and observing their walking. His mother advised him that there was much to learn from observing the walking habits of people. The author said that psychologists link poor posture and sluggish walking to low self confidence. Psychologists also say that our attitudes can be changed by improving out posture and by increasing our speed of movement.

The author described 3 different groups of people based on their walking patterns. The first group are the “beaten people”, they “shuffle and stumble along through their life”. The second group of people are average and so is their walk, average. The last group of people exude “superconfidence” in the words of the author. These people walk faster than average, there is a sprint in the way they walk. Their walk tells the world “ I’ve got someplace important to go, something important to do”. Moreover, it tells the onlooker that the walker will succeed at anything he is about to do. The author advised that we should “throw our shoulders back, lift up our head and walk a little faster and feel confidence grow.

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It is imperative that Non Regulated Financial institutions and Listed Businesses register with the FIU in an effort to contribute to the development of the local economy.

Non Regulated Financial Institutions include:

  • Credit Union
  • Building Society
  • Money or Value Transfer Services

Listed Businesses include:

  • Motor Vehicle Sales
  • Real Estate
  • Gaming House
  • Pool Betting
  • National Lotteries On-Line Betting Games
  • Jeweler
  • A Private Members’ Club
  •  An Art Dealer
  • An Accountant, an Attorney-at-law or other Independent Legal Professional
  • Trust and Company Service Providers 

The Author is an Attorney at Law based in Trinidad. She has specialized in Anti Money Laundering and Financial Crimes. She is also a Certified Fraud and Risk Manager.

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You Cannot Escape Your Destiny

Let it be. Be receptive to new opportunities and the universe will present them. Your current situation is not your final destination.

Do not become comfortable . The lessons that you learn in your way will be invaluable . You will become a person of immense value.

In this new year , things will change for you. The planets will align and you will be proud of your accomplishments. The things that you pray about will come to past. After all, you cannot escape your destiny .

The author is an attorney at law based in Trinidad.She specialises in AML/CFT and Fraud Risk Management . Website : http://asydneygroup.com

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Pine and Ginger or so the song goes. This is another idea that will bring you many happy returns. Pineapples can be purchased wholesale and then peeled and cut into circles. Seasonings can be prepared including chive, celery, chadon beni. Condiments such as salt and pepper can be added. Additionally a pepper sauce can be made and added to the pineapple chow on the customer’s request.

The skin from the pineapple can be boiled and cooled. Thereafter sugar and spices can be added to taste. This can be poured into a bottle and offered for sale. You may look at Youtube for preparation techniques.

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