Life is but the shipwreck of our plans

Planning to make a plans. What a life!I agree that goals are important , and yes I believe in the law of attraction . But do our plans turn out the way that we expected? Life can be messy . Relationships end,children leave the nest and sometimes our love is not reciprocated.

Enjoy the mess. Dance when your world is falling apart. Keep your head up. Stand in the rain . Don’t you give up on your dreams.

When you lose control of the ship,the anchor holds. You will be grounded and you will be on land soon.

The author is an attorney at law in Trinidad. She specialises in AML CFT Compliance .

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Employee Engagement: How to Maximize Productivity and make your Employees Want to Work?

What is employee engagement?
Employee engagement is based on trust, integrity, two way commitment and communication between an organisation and its staff. It is an approach that increases the chances of business success, contributing to organisational and individual performance, productivity and well-being1.
Employee Engagement from the perspective of the employees2

Imagine if an employee can wake up and be excited about going to work. Imagine if he looks forward to sharing great ideas, to working together with colleagues and accomplishing a common goal. That employee would feel as though they are a part of the organisation making a vital contribution to achieving the company’s mission.
Employee engagement is about being included fully as a member of the team, focusing on clear goals, trusted and empowered, receiving regular and constructive feedback, supported in developing new skills, thanked and recognised for achievement.
A work environment that is fair, based on mutual respect is an engaged organisation.

Employee engagement from the perspective of the Employer 3
Employee engagement is about positive attitudes and behaviours leading to improved business outcomes, in a way that they trigger and reinforce one another. Imagine an organisation that runs on employees’ knowledge and ideas to improve products and services and to promote innovation. Imagine a place where your employees can recommend the organisation to prospective employees and boast that the actions of the employer are in line with the values of the company.

Methods of Employee Engagement
Have a tea lady who walks around offering beverages, she can then return to the refrigerator and bring it;
Give employees flexi-time-whereby they can work from home on two or more days per week, for accountability they will log in and log out;
Have a snack or fruit bar full of fruits and snacks for employees to indulge in;
Ask employees about their goals and aspirations and advise them generally on how to move forward;
Show concern for employees who are experiencing difficulties when their spouse or sibling is sick i.e. compassion;
Give employees every other Friday off for personal business, the compromise is that staff will work an additional hour everyday or come in one hour early every morning.
Try to get all employees involved in activities this limits the feeling of alienation.
Employee engagement is about eliciting a deeper commitment from our employees thereby receiving fewer sick leave ,reduction in absenteeism, decreasing accident and incidents rates , limited conflicts and grievances ,and ultimately an increase in productivity 4.
References: 1-4


The author is an attorney at law in Trinidad , she specialises in Anti Money Laundering and the Countering of the Financing of Terrorism. See the website Instagram @asydneygrouptt Whatsapp 1 868 484-7778

There are no dead end jobs,just dead end people:It is an adventure to be alive

Today is a present. Are you alive or just living ? Bills ,bills ,bills. I wish the person who invented bills will choke on his saliva. Bills are a huge inconvenience to me. But working towards generating funds to pay these bills is fun. In the absence of he responsibility to pay bills,some people may never enter into the workforce. Nevertheless,it is a blessing to be on your way to work. Some people are not economically active. Look at it as a quest. You are on a journey to make money. Do not look at it as going to your dead end job. A wise man told me that there are “…No dead end jobs,just dead end people “. Do not resent your employer,after all  the company is paying your bills,sending your kids to school. For the entrepreneurs out there,think of your job as your investor. I encourage you to view your day as an adventure,just like something I heard in the movie Peter Pan ,the version with Robin Williams.

The author is an attorney at law in Trinidad. She specialises in Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism. See the website .

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You created your own misfortune by not believing in yourself

Saturday morning cartoons make me feel alive.I prepared pancakes, sausages and eggs for breakfast and I watched cartoons from the 90s. 

In the evening time,I watched an episode of Johnny Bravo,where a series of unfortunate things happened to him as he lusted after yet another woman. It could have been a heat flash,but Dionne Warwick appeared in a vision to him. She warned Johnny that his failure to believe in himself and his ability to successfully pursue the woman was the cause of his perceived bad luck.

It’s amazing where you can find inspiration. In a cartoon ,a movie,a child . Just think of it as the universe’s way of speaking to you.

Believe in yourself.Believe in your dreams.Believe in your ability to execute the project. Never give up.Trust the process.

Do not let your own doubt cause you to experience bad luck.Just believe.

The author is an attorney at law based in Trinidad, she specialises in Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism. 

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How to deal with angry customers who insult you? A message to all those employed in the service industry and hospitality industry

I am well on my way to reading one book every week  pursuant to my new year’s resolution. This week, I am exploring “The magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz. In one chapter he narrates a  story of an irate guest at a hotel who sent a telegram to reserve a room for a single occupant but who came to the hotel clerk requesting  hotel room with double occupancy. The customer insulted the clerk threatening to have him fired and questioned his intelligence. The young clerk apologized but declared that he was merely following instructions.

The author was next in line to deal with the clerk but was pleasantly surprised when the clerk greeted him warmly. The author told the clerk that he admired the way that he dealt with the previous customer. The clerk stated that he refused to be infuriated by a customer like that, he empathised with the man and supposed that he was having marital problems and that the man used him as a scapegoat to feel superior. The clerk added that “…underneath he is  probably a nice guy, most folks are…”

The author then suggested that we remember this statement the next time someone “declares war on us. He said the best way to deal with situations like this is to let the other person say their piece, then forget about it”.

We have nothing to lose by following this approach. Instead of responding to their insults , especially for those of us who work in the service industry, it is wise to hold our tongue. There is nothing to gain by charging with bitter words. The other person may in fact be experiencing some trying times and may simply want attention. Although you may find that your minimum wage does not pay you enough to take insults, I am sure by the following week that you will forget the exchange of words.





The Return to innocence : The world through the eyes of a child

The children are the future. The children are awake and will not tolerate the injustices perpetuated by the adults of the day. I saw a child observing a homeless man on the streets of the capital city. The working class passed the gentleman with no concern for his plight. The adults were rushing to reach to their respective work places on time and could not be bothered by another human being.The child watched the homeless man as he lay on the cold ,hard street. Her mother encouraged her to increase her speed,as her little feet tried to match the long strides of her mother. The urban dweller smiled at the innocent child,with a heart filled with compassion. I ventured further up the street,and in a quick glance ,I noticed a secondary school girl giving a homeless man money. This particular homeless man was known to me,he camps closer to my area. I was shocked to see that he was plying his trade of begging in the capital city. He is known for using his salary for purchasing certain substances. It amazed me that the school girl ignored his addiction and was willing to help. The compassion displayed by these school children made me hopeful,that the future will be better.

Do not blow up too quickly: Enjoy the entrepreneurial ride

Do not expand to quickly, you may implode. I was contacted by a representative of a local telecommunications service  provider. He tried to convince me to advertise in  the local telephone directory. That way ,he said, I would attract new prospects. At the time I was discussing this proposition with a brilliant business professional. She asked me what I would do with all those incoming calls . She said that I may be overwhelmed and I agreed. The telephone directory also has an online version, the result is double exposure. I carefully considered the advice and I told the representative that I may contact him in the next 5 years.

I have been binge watching comedy series from the 80’s and 90’s. While watching an episode of “Sister,Sister” Lisa started a business, she made dresses and offered them for sale. Her first customer bought a dress and Lisa felt invincible. She started planning to attract new customers. She called the media houses and asked for quotations to place advertisements. She was advised by Ray that she should take it slowly and not expand too quickly. Lisa placed the advertisement and the same client came knocking on her door.Ray answered the door and gave the first customer a full cash refund and accepted the dress that she wanted to return. He hid the dress that was returned in order to protect Lisa’s feelings. Lisa was upset when she discovered the truth but she was determined to bring her dream to pass. She realised that she needed to conduct the business on a small scale then ,eventually she would expand.

I recalled a conversation with one of my clients , he indicated that equipment should not be purchased unless a contract was secured. He said that a business must be gradually expanded , creep then walk.

I want to appeal to you ,although you may be ambitious, life will knock your socks off. Be patient, trust the process. Do not take loans to acquire equipment if it seems that work is not forthcoming. The equipment has a minimum of 6 months warranty. In the event that you do not get any clients, you will not have cause to use the equipment and detect any flaws. The warranty may expire before you get a client. You will then have to pay to repair or replace the equipment. Should you decide to sell the equipment, you will lose money because of depreciation.

Remember success is 1% inspiration and 99% persistence , so please learn as much as you can, acquire contracts then expand,in that order.

About the Author:

A.Sydney is an attorney at law in Trinidad and Tobago. She specializes in AML/CFT/FIU/Tax Compliance, and provides Corporate Secretarial Services to local and international giants in various industries. Feel free to explore the website for her portfolio of companies and add her on social media:





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The longer you fight in the ring of life,the stronger you become.

Everyone has problems. Rich people have rich people problems, while poor people have poor people problems.  You may feel defeated in the ring of life. You may feel battered , bruised and hopeless. I urge you to hold on. Just one more day. Keep your head up throughout this period.

Although I dislike watching wrestling, I endure it for the sake my mother. She explained that each wrestler had signature moves that would debilitate the opposition. Every week, I watch at least  one match with her,she is always thrilled for the company. Both wrestlers fought relentlessly. They inhaled each other’s perspiration. The crowd chanted one wrestler’s name as he subdued his enemy. The referee sat beside the fighters  to count . At the mention of the number 2, the subdued wrestler furiously shook his leg to indicate that he was not ready to give up. The opponent of my  mother’s favourite wrestler looked exhausted. The commentator stated that the longer the favoured wrestler fought, the stronger he became. With great anticipation , my mother awaited the signature moves to be executed. The favoured wrestler  positioned his back against the ropes of the ring. He charged at his enemy, he performed what is termed  a ‘spear’. The other wrestler fell helplessly to his knees. The referee counted 1…2…3. No sign of movement from the now defeated wrestler. Victory was declared in favour of my mother’s preferred wrestler.

Sometimes you have to continue working on your dream despite your current situation. It is better to be delusional as you navigate through the rough seas of your life than to be depressed by your scary reality. Even if you lack a support system, you will learn to encourage yourself. Fight the good fight , your enemy will give up before you.


A.Sydney is an attorney at law by profession in Trinidad and Tobago. She specializes in AML/CFT/FIU  Compliance, Taxation and provides Corporate Secretarial Services. Kindly explore the website for her portfolio of companies: .


There is a time to Reverse and a time to Drive: The Beema that stalled…

If you fail to change your gears,you will blow your transmission.I observed a BMW X5 approaching the intersection and then it remained motionless. The headlights were still ignited , so I did not suspect that the vehicle shut down. Other cars approached the BMW and waited briefly before taking over. No hazard lights were used by the driver of the BMW to signal that he was having difficulties. None of the motorists stopped to offer assistance, so I left the window and told my dad that the BMW stopped in the intersection outside our residence. My dad cracked the door and stared , he was giggling. He was surprised that the transmission was crying. The car sounded like a Datsun 120Y. My dad informed me that the driver was having a hard time shifting into drive. Prior to stalling ,the driver attempted to reverse ,he succeeded,but he was unable to shift the gears back into drive.  He mashed the accelerator and the engine roared,but the vehicle did not move an inch. His problem was his failure to change into the appropriate gear. I returned to the window to investigate whether the driver of the BMW was offered any assistance. He was still trying to go forward,while using the wrong gear. I stood and I reflected on human nature and the inability of the driver to progress because he did not recognize his error in a timely fashion.

Lesson Learnt:

Failure to shift into the appropriate gear will spoil your transmission. Many of us go through life repeating our mistakes without recognizing our errors. It is foolish to not know the appropriate gear for the desired outcome. There are different seasons in our  lives and we have to adapt with the changes. More importantly, we have to know what is required of us at the particular juncture. The larger picture is that a vehicle is still a vehicle,regardless of the country of origin. At some point in time, the vehicle may cease to function as well as it once did. The vehicle is still subject to the elements of the weather. It will still require fuel from a service station to work. We ought not to get caught up and  think that we are superior to others because we are operating machinery from various parts of the world.


A.Sydney is an attorney at law by profession in Trinidad and Tobago. She specializes in AML/CFT/FIU  Compliance, Taxation and provides Corporate Secretarial Services. Kindly explore the website for her portfolio of companies: .


The Cure for the Disease of Poverty: Multiple Streams of Income


You have to declare that you will never be poor another day in your life. Believe that you are destined for greatness and your subconscious mind will accept this and oblige. Unless you decide to break free, poverty will pass from generation to generation. It has been likened to a disease that consumes the victim. Poverty has a smell, it is depressing. I reiterate from a previous post, that another failure of the education system is the lack of courses on financial literacy. We, the youth, do not understand mortgages, taxes, or the laws of money. We are not taught how to rise out of poverty and to accomplish what others dream about.

There are different definitions of poverty according to the Sociologists. For the purpose of this post, poverty refers to the inability to be financially free. By this, I mean you are barely making ends meet, you do not have any savings or investments, and you do not have any assets. You have dreams and aspirations but you cannot finance them and you are mad at the world. Conquering poverty requires hard work and dedication. The results are not apparent in the immediate future. Others may see you struggling to come out of poverty and dissuade you from even trying. I beg you, ignore them, misery and by extension poverty likes company.

If you subscribe to fairy tales, and books about imaginary, magical, mystical characters, then you will see wisdom from Solomon when he wrote the book of Ecclesiastes in the latter part of his life. In the Book of Ecclesiastes Chapter 11 verses 1- 2, Solomon advised: “Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days. Divide your portion to seven, or to even to eight, for you do not know what misfortune may occur on the earth”. Here, we see our superhero, the wise King Solomon giving us financial advice that is applicable in the economic situation that is plaguing Trinidad and Tobago.In verse 1, he seemed to be suggesting that we should toil in our youth, so that we can reap the rewards when we get older. Solomon admonished on verse 2 that we have at least seven (7) or eight (8) side hustles because we did not know what the future holds. It is not difficult to fathom why surviving on the income from one job is proving to be a Herculean task.

How to develop multiple streams of income

  1. Use your time wisely and discover our personal strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Monetize your hobbies and passions, if you are good at baking cakes, charge a small fee to make your cakes. Your true friends and supporters will patronize. Long gone are the days where we can incur costs and let others indulge freely. I dislike favours, I much prefer transactions.
  3. Get a job, full time or part time. A dollar is still a dollar. It matters not that others tease you because of where you work. I worked at a gas station full time for three (3) years while attending university. I mainly worked the night shifts (10 pm to 6 am) and all the weekend shifts and holidays. Those who laughed at me are now working at that gas station. You will learn valuable lessons about money, business, management and people when you are working for someone else. There are many university graduates who are unemployed with high expectations for a dream job. Life may disappoint you, my friend. You may have to accept a job and a salary that you believe to be incommensurate with your qualifications.
  4. Tutor– You can tutor students on a part time basis to earn extra income. There is a lot of competition, so you must be creative. I have been tutoring since 2009 and it is my favourite job.
  5. You can offer an editing/ proofreading service to students– this may be a good option if you also tutor CXC English.
  6. You can offer to cut the lawns in your neighborhood for a reasonable fee.
  7. You can wash cars– Be creative and offer an exclusive service to executives or taxi drivers or maxi taxis.
  8. Learn a trade– You can start your own business after you learn a trade such plumbing, electrical installation or tiling.

There are endless opportunities to make money in Trinidad and Tobago. Our brothers and sisters come from the surrounding islands, start companies in Trinidad and are buying properties. We live here, and foolishly criticize our brothers and sisters who work hard to provide a better life for their families. Please allow me to reference the employees who were sent home this year by both private and public organizations. Those who thought they had permanent jobs and are now unemployed, there is still hope. The trick is to have multiple sources of income. In the event that you lose your job, you already have another source of income, and now you have the time to develop more.

The successful people that I know are always diversifying their streams of income. They work as though it’s their first day on the job. They work for at least twelve hours (12) per day. They hardly decline an opportunity to make an extra dollar. They are likely to have more than one company, and they offer various services. Whereas the unsuccessful people that I know rely solely on their job for as a source income. They complain that they need to make more money, but they are taking no action to increase their value. They do not want to exit the comfort zone, they go home and watch television or use social media after working an eight hour shift. It has been said that what you do between 4 pm and 8 pm may determine your future. Those who work on their side hustles after 4 pm or study for their exams in this time period will most likely succeed. Thank you for permitting  me to belabour the point that by having multiple streams of income and by working diligently, you will never be poor another day in your life.


A.Sydney is an attorney at law by profession in Trinidad and Tobago. She specializes in AML/CFT/FIU  Compliance, Taxation and provides Corporate Secretarial Services. Kindly explore the website for her portfolio of companies: .