What ARE Annual Returns ?

This Document Presents An Up To Date Snapshot Of All Directors And Officers Of The Company, Share Capital As Well As Company Debts.

When Conducting Company Business, Banks And Other Stakeholders Will Request The Most Recent Annual Returns.

When Should A Company File An Annual Return?

The Law States That A Company Should File An Annual Return No Later Than 30 Days After Each Anniversary Date Of Its Continuance, Incorporation Or Amalgamation At The Companies Registrar.

The Author is an Online Lawyer based in Trinidad and Tobago.

She specialises in Corporate Law and Financial Crimes.

She is a Certified Professional in the following areas:


Corporate Training;

Anti Money Laundering and Financial Crimes;

Fraud Risk Management;

Graphic Design.

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Why Your Business Name was Rejected?

Have you attempted to register a Sole Trader business in Trinidad. If your business name was rejected , I have included some reasons in my Youtube video.

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The Author is an Attorney at Law in Trinidad. She specializes in Anti Money Laundering and Financial Crimes.

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What to do if Your Business Name is Queried ?

  1. If the proposed business name is queried, carefully review the comments made by the Legal Officer, this can be seen at the bottom portion of the Search Results.
  2. If the name is already reserved or registered, you may have to use another name.
  3. If the name is too close to another name, further information may be requested to clarify the origin of the name.
  4. You should draft a letter including your name, the date, the proposed name of the business, the response to the query and your name and signature. A template of the letter is available at the Ministry of Legal Affairs.



The Author is an Attorney at Law based in Trinidad. Website : http://asydneygroup.com Contact 868 373-1166

She specializes in Business Law and Anti Money Laundering. She is a Certified Professional in the following disciplines:

Fraud and Risk Management;

Corporate Training;

Taxation in Trinidad and Tobago;

Graphic Design.

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Four Reasons Why You Should Definitely REGISTER YOUR BUSINESS

1.The ability to open a bank account in the name of the business;

2.The ability to apply for loans, there will be a record of your deposits and withdrawals from your business bank account;

3.Ease of doing business with suppliers;

4.Creates the appearance of a legitimate business with customers;

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The author is an Attorney at Law based in Trinidad. She specializes in Business Law and Anti Money laundering.

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What is a Sole Trader ??

A Sole Trader Is A Business Where The Individual Operates The Business.

It Is Basically The Person Trading As A Business Name.

There Is No Legal Separation Between The Person And The Entity .

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The Author is an Attorney at Law based in Trinidad and Tobago. She specializes in Business Law and Anti Money Laundering.

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What is the FIU?

The FIU is the  primary institution for the collection of financial intelligence and information and the analysis, dissemination, and exchange of such financial intelligence this will also include information among law enforcement authorities, financial institution and listed businesses


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What does the FIU do?

1.Acts as an autonomous independent body to serve as a national centre for the collection, analysis and dissemination of financial intelligence and information.

2.The FIU functions as a specialised intelligence agency for the receipt and analysis of STRs/SARs) and the dissemination of financial intelligence and information.

3.FIU acts as a Supervisor to monitor specified Supervised Entities and enforce compliance of AML/CFT (AML/CFT) obligations.

4.The FIU does not engage in investigative action, which is conducted by the Law Enforcement Authorities (LEAs).

The Author is an attorney at law based in Trinidad. She specializes in Anti Money Laundering and Financial Crimes. She is also an Internationally Certified Fraud and Risk Management Professional.

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Must all employees of Listed Businesses complete FIU Training?

Yes from director to door man. Rest easy, I have uploaded 100% free AML Training Sessions on Youtube.

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The author is an attorney at law based in Trinidad and Tobago. She specializes in Anti Money Laundering and Financial Crimes.

Website : http://asydneygroup.com

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Why should YOU Register a Business?

The best way to predict your future is by creating it. You have to run after your destiny . A job is a temporary solution for a permanent problem. You will always need money, but is having a job the best way of earning an income ?

I have seen what craziness looks like . It’s getting dressed, preparing the children for school and rushing to work . The traffic is unbearable , you do not own a car so the heels of your shoes are worn out . At 8 am you clock into the biometric system and sit at your work station until lunch time. You answer the phone that does not stop ringing while working on the tasks assigned for the day . Your manager calls you for another pointless meeting and part of you dies as you pray for a way of escape. You return to your desk ,wait until lunch time ,then you go hunting for food . You return to your cell and labor until home time . You turn your computer off , bid your fellow inmates good bye and exit the building. You walk down to City Gate,and fetch a bus or other public transportation.You do this for 50 weeks every year in return for a stipend and 2 weeks paid vacation . Is this your life ? You can do better !

There is unlimited potential in you . Need I encourage you more to start a business ?

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The Author is an attorney at law,she specializes in Financial Crimes and Corporate Law.She is a Certified Corporate Trainer , Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert and Certified Fraud Risk Manager.

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FREE ANTI MONEY LAUNDERING TRAINING : For listed businesses in Trinidad and Caribbean

My free Anti Money Laundering Training for 2019 has been uploaded on Youtube. No tricks, just free. I realised the need for free Anti Money Laundering Training especially for owners of local businesses. These listed businesses are required to make arrangements for annual training of all staff and bear the cost of same.

I have prepared this free training in order to satisfy the requirement for Anti Money Laundering Training as mandated by Regulation 6 of the Financial Obligations Regulations, Proceeds of Crime Act in Trinidad and Tobago.

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These free training sessions have been specifically tailored for listed businesses such as car dealers, real estate agents, insurance agents, lawyers, accountants, casinos, jewelers in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.

 This comprehensive FREE Training:

Defines Money Laundering:

Defines Anti Money Laundering;

Explains the 3 Stages of Money Laundering;

Discusses the Financial Intelligence Unit;

Explains Terrorist Financing;

Identifies Red Flags of Terrorist Financing;

An electronic copy of a Certificate of Attendance can be requested via email.

Other Services offered (Paid Services) :

Specialized Training offered for Front Line Employees, Managers, the Board of Directors;

External AML Audit;

Drafting Compliance Programs.

The author is an attorney at law in based in Trinidad, she has a specialized practice in Anti Money Laundering and Financial Crimes. Call or whatsapp 868 373-1166 and see website http://asydneygroup.com

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