When you possess great treasure within you,and you try to tell others of them,seldom are you believed 

The crazies have it. I have always wondered about the possibility of  crazy people being sane ,and sane people actually being crazy. I question the substance of western medicine and the criteria used to deem a person to be mentally unstable. What if drug addicts are able to see the world as it really is? What if the homeless man ,high on his drug is really a tourist in paradise. It would be hilarious to learn how they view us,as the crazy ones,rushing to jobs that we hate ,staying in abusive relationships. We must be crazy.

It is a distinct honour to be labelled as crazy by your peers. It means that you are different and you are not confirming to their silly ideals .You are clearly different . All the greats have been called crazy before. People refer to you as crazy when they are unable to see things the way you do. A young man, who grew up in a deprived household,sleeping on the same mattress with his 6 siblings may be called crazy when he declares his intention to become a lawyer. That young man has used his imagination to create a version of reality where he can be anything that he wants to become. 

The crazies are usually the ones in movies predicting the fate of mankind ,and they usually become hermits after realising how silly people can be. The majority of the time,the crazies are right, and their warnings were ignored. They are laughed at  ,told that they should get a life. Once they get an understanding person to communicate with, they reveal their wealth of knowledge. 

In the concluding pages of the Alchemist,when confronted by soldiers and asked about their journey ahead,the old man truthfully told of their purpose and where he and the young man were headed. The soldiers laughed in amusement and allowed the old man and young boy to continue. People judge you by your appearance,and when you tell them of your goals in life ,they ridicule you. The quote adapted from the Alchemist stands true. The crazies have it.

The author is an attorney at law based in the island of Trinidad,she is a certified specialist in Anti Money Laundering and Financial Crimes.

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You cannot discipline children for things that you used to do

The children that you scold are a direct reflection of you. Children learn what they live,they absorb the activities in the environment .I listened as the old man said that his grandson stole condensed milk just like he did . Instead of scolding the child ,he explained to the child the problems associated with excess sugar . As I commuted ,I listened to the stories of the old man. He said that young parents were punishing children for the same things that they were doing. He said that this practice was wrong . 

“He bought me the dress,I like it and I am keeping it” said my 16 year old neighbour to her mother. Her mother screamed at her,advising that she ought not to accept gifts from men,because something is always expected in return. Her mother,while screaming at her ,told her of men who purchased items for her and demanded her body in return. This was a clear case of prostitution,in my legal mind. She proceeded to scold her and told her to return the dress at once.I usually listen to all their quarrels and or fights,mainly for my infornational purposes. The mother told of how she saw her daughter going down the same road that she travelled. She beseeched the daughter to reconsider her choices ,or run the risk of ending up like her mother. Her mother was by no means a role model,and she admitted that life has been hard to her because of her choices. The daughter then wept,audibly. 

The mere fact that the daughter was now accepting gifts from men,spoke volumes to me. It indicated that she was vulnerable to being manipulated by persons who had economic power. It meant that she may be willing to compromise her values to acquire the latest phones and accessories. This is a critical time in her development,as this represents her last year in secondary school. She was a direct reflection of her mother and this was a nightmare for the latter.

Coincidentally,there is a 16 year old young man residing on the adjoining property. Every evening his father argues with him. The arguments range from stealing cash,tablets,lack of interest in school. Again ,the father ,although present in his life, is not a role model and the son reminds him of this . On this particular occasion,the son appeared disheveled at the end of the school day. The father shouted that the son was fixed on embarrassing him in any way possible. The father boasted of his neat decorum after the school day. The son stated that he was not his father. He was right,but in many ways,the father saw himself in his son. 

Admittedly,it is a difficult time to be a young person. In this age of social media,internet and changing trends,it is difficult to keep up. Boys are told not to cry but men are expected to be sensitive. Boys are forbidden from playing with dolls,yet men are  expected to understand the landscape of a woman. It is confusing for a young man to understand what manhood is,where there is only estrogen in the household. Being a young woman is hard, so many expectations of you,it is difficult to meet them. The hardest part is, the parents of our generation are struggling to find themselves. They are in no position to guide us. My humble advice is to let the children love and learn. The children just may teach you something.

Even a broken clock is right two or three times a day

How important is it for you to always be right ? Reality flash…You may be misguided at one point or another . I was watching Disney Christmas movies and the main character told his son that even a broken clock is right two or three times everyday. There is wisdom in everything and everyone.We should view every thing as a learning experience. There are lessons to be learned from the young and the not so young. There are lessons to be learned from the insects,the animals and from children. If we close our minds to learning from others ,then we will stop living. I observe persons who have have a chronic need to display their knowledge. They appear condescending when they highlight the flawed perceptions of others. These victims are made to feel inferior and will be reluctant to express their  opinions in the future. Their egos are deflated and they feel personally attacked. Please remember that you are not always right.

No delay in the game

How much of human life is lost in waiting? Do not wait until the timing is perfect. Proceed with your plans . Time waits on no one . Plan and execute. You have to state your intentions to the world and put it out in the universe. It will come back to you. The elements will line themselves up. Everything will fall into place. Start today,baby steps .Do not wait until the time is right. Do not wait for conditions to be favourable,just proceed and they will follow your lead. You have to guide the way ,you will become weary in waiting . Plan ,execute and repeat . Write your plans down for your records and tell your friends about it to remain accountable . Press on.

Happiness happens when you find yourself

Have you lost your individuality by confirming to the New Age ? Are you a mindless dummy walking around on your phone 24/7 ? It is easy to fit in, just follow the crowd. Are you happy ? It is pleasing to look at the little things and be grateful. The birds in the sky laugh at us,as we rush to get to our meaningless jobs ,then we rush to return home,enduring hours of traffic,each day. What kind of life is that ? I observe the people as they pass by, long faces , no joy and a general lack of zest for living . At the end of the month,after the rent is paid,the bills are covered,the bank account loses more weight. We then wait for the next salary to repeat the process. Be brave,be strong. Now is the time for innovation,follow your passion. Sometimes when you follow your dreams,you are heart broken,then you wake up and the dream is over. But if you follow your passion and listen to your heart ,if you are disappointed,you will try again. Don’t lose yourself in the crowd . Walk in the opposite direction. Make up your mind to go on a journey of self discovery. Explore yourself ,find out exactly just how likeable you are. When you find yourself,there will be a peace within you. You will be happy,when you are happy with yourself. You must be content with the person that you became. It is a hopeless quest to find happiness in someone else.

The Return to innocence : The world through the eyes of a child

The children are the future. The children are awake and will not tolerate the injustices perpetuated by the adults of the day. I saw a child observing a homeless man on the streets of the capital city. The working class passed the gentleman with no concern for his plight. The adults were rushing to reach to their respective work places on time and could not be bothered by another human being.The child watched the homeless man as he lay on the cold ,hard street. Her mother encouraged her to increase her speed,as her little feet tried to match the long strides of her mother. The urban dweller smiled at the innocent child,with a heart filled with compassion. I ventured further up the street,and in a quick glance ,I noticed a secondary school girl giving a homeless man money. This particular homeless man was known to me,he camps closer to my area. I was shocked to see that he was plying his trade of begging in the capital city. He is known for using his salary for purchasing certain substances. It amazed me that the school girl ignored his addiction and was willing to help. The compassion displayed by these school children made me hopeful,that the future will be better.

How to determine if you are being cheated on : Look out for these signs

This generation inherited infidelity from our forefathers. We have now glamorized being the side piece and we pity the main course who is living under false assumptions. I had the distinct pleasure of speaking to a wise man. He told me that in order to discover whether you are being cheated on,take the following steps :

1.Go to sleep early ,then wake up at midnight to check if your partner is sleeping next to you or sneaking phone calls to another lover.

2. If you live together, purposely forget your keys at home,that way,your partner has to open the door for you. You can catch them off guard at this juncture.

3. Drop by their residence (if you do not live together ) unexpectedly,and carry a token of love for them,such as flowers or a meal. Ask to go inside the house and have a refreshment.Observe the surroundings carefully. 

4. Pay attention to changes in their daily routine,such as prolonged time spent at the gym or unexpected trips to the grocery that turn into a 2 hour road trip. 

5.Keep your nose open to new fragrances or body odors.Everyone has a distinct smell and when persons are romantically involved,their odors combine and may change. 

6. Changes in sexual desires or requests . Your partner may be trying to be more adventurous or simply chasing a sexual dragon on a quest for pleasure. A new lover may have exposed them to different intimate positions and they may want to try it with you.

7. Use of new slangs,or terms-we emulate the same speech patterns as those we constantly interact with,so your partner may be repeating new words that they heard from their lover. 

This may seem like a fishing expedition,but it is worth the effort to determine if your time is being wasted. The biggest step after discovering that your partner is in fact cheating,is to be willing to walk away. Indeed,you will miss your lover, but then ask yourself what exactly do you miss about them. Do an audit of the time that you two spent together. Did you give more than you received? Were you the only one inconvenienced by your meeting times or were they mutually convenient ? The end goal is to find out if you were being used. Then you have to remember your worth and walk away. If you choose to stay with your lover after you learn that they are cheating on you,then you are solely responsible for any future unhappiness. The cheating spouse may seek to exercise control over you psychologically. They may be under the impression that you cannot function without them and they will continue to hurt you.

Not everyone can run a Bar : Special skills are required for certain types of businesses

To succeed in business you have to be able to get into the mind of your clients. They have to see that you are on their level . They must understand you and you must understand them. I had an interesting conversation with a man who was familiar with operating a Bar. He indicated that the owner of the bar had to sit and have a drink with the patrons in order to be successful in the business. The owner of the bar had to agree to participate in card games, and outings to the beach. He explained that that there is a therapeutic element to a bar. It is the place where people come to forget their troubles temporarily. They drink and reveal all that is troubling their souls. Some patrons repeat the story everyday. A bar owner must have certain qualities in order to effectively run the bar. He must be likeable and have a smiling face. The owner or the bar tender must listen to the story of the patron,in order to understand why the patron drinks alcohol. A formidable bond must be created that will be strengthened overtime. The bar tender must listen to the patron’s problems and offer few words of advice. The goal is not to solve the patron’s problems. But to show an interest in the problems and to serve drinks as requested . 

Any person who is unable to do 50% of these things will preform poorly in business. An assessment must be conducted to determine what is required to ensure that there is a constant influx of customers. This will vary from industry to industry. But this should form a crucial part of the market research before launching into the business venture.

Please do your due diligence , lest you start a business that will not like you.

Why do people stab you in the back ? Why do they talk behind your back ?

People underestimate the importance of their backs. If you are having back pains you will have grave difficulty functioning. Your central nervous system consists of your brain and your spinal cord. Your spinal cord runs along your back. Spine injuries may render the victim cripple. I was watching the second installment of Independence Day (2016) and the alien invader was destroyed by shooting her in the back. One of the men who was fighting to save the World advised his comrades to aim for the alien’s back because that was her weakness. I took a moment to process this and I recalled that the human back is also a vulnerable area. We always lament when persons known to us say negative about us “behind our backs “. We become bitter when they “stab us in the back”, wouldn’t it hurt more to aim for our hearts ? I think not,because a broken heart can mend. But a broken back, will never be whole again. In this era of user friendly people ,we have to guard our backs. We have to watch our own backs because a friend,is a known enemy. 

Remember your training, follow the protocol then be emotional for a brief moment

Training has a major impact on our minds . A young man who was trained in the army will never be the same again. A student who receives training at Law School will analyze everything. Apart from preparing us for a career,training will impact the way that we interact with others. I saw the new Kingsman movie with my best friend and after Eggsy’s home was destroyed he became flustered. Merlin appeared and warned him to “…Remember his training,follow the doomsday protocol ,and then be emotional for a brief moment”. There was so much wisdom in that statement. It is easy to feel overwhelmed when we are faced with difficult times. We can let our emotions rule us, and not ‘feel’ to go to work. Everyone can see that we are upset or sad and this is where emotional intelligence skills are displayed. In this age of ‘unsocial media’ we may post a status or a video that we may soon regret. We have to remember our training. After that,there should be certain steps to take in the event of disappointment. This may include ‘plan B’ or it may include leaving an abusive relationship and returning to your family home. For a fleeting moment,shed a tear. Express your frustrations in a private corner and leave them there. Do not nurse the wounds from a past lover, do not nurture the hate. To do otherwise, is to plant the seeds of bitterness and resentment. This makes life appear grim and unbearable.