Why you should stop telling people your business ideas?

Do you know someone who shared a business idea with a friend and that friend stole the business idea and successfully launched it? You do not need anyone to validate your business idea before you proceed.

When you get your business idea you simply start to put things in place. I know hustlers who shared their business ideas with their loved ones, and they were shut down. Start your business and you will know if the idea is good or bad. People are selfish by nature. They may consider how your life will change when your business succeeds.

Their insecurities may consume them and they may fear that you will meet someone else while running your business. If you must tell someone about your business idea, make sure that you tell someone who loves you and has supported you in the past.You can share your idea with a positive person who you has earned your trust. This person can encourage you and remind you of your past successes. A positive person may introduce you to the right people to help you to get started. If you do not have any positive friends, then you need new friends. Summary You do not need anyone to approve of your idea.

 After you get your business idea start to put things in place.

To do list •

Make a list of the positive people that you can share your business idea with.

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