How to ask your clients for your payment?

I saw my colleague recently and she looked distressed. I recalled that she accepted a position at a small law firm and her salary was not more than $7,000 so I suspected that this was frustrating her.

I asked her why she did not consider starting  her own law practice. She replied that she thought about it but she was uncomfortable asking for her payment.

I once heard that “begging” is asking in a pathetic manner.

But it is still asking.

I am of the view that you can confidently ask for your full payment from the start.

A few tips

Know your worth.

 Take a good look at yourself and realize that you are a professional.

 You must first be convinced that you deserve your full payment.

When you value yourself and respect your time and work, new clients have no choice but to make your full payment.

Let your clients know that you can start working on their project as soon as you receive payment:

I can start working on your documents as soon as you make full payment.

 I await full payment.

I will send your receipt as soon as you make the full payment.

Antoinette Sydney LB LEC CAMLFC CFRMP is an author and entrepreneur based in Trinidad and Tobago.




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