Refund or Reputation?

There was an incident in Trinidad in December 2019 involving a cake that was delivered by a cake baker that was not well received by the customer.

 I am of the view that in a case like this a full refund must be offered right away. Social media may be used by dissatisfied customers to post pictures of items received from an online business owner or of screenshots from conversations. There are legal options to seek redress but the immediate aftermath is embarrassment, less clients, reputational damage and hurt feelings.

Always be able to give a full refund.

 A refund will not stop your customer from being disappointed with your service or product but a customer is less likely to rant on social media about an online business after they received a refund. It is my desire that you only accept projects that you can complete and that you accept clients that you love to work with.

I take written instructions from my clients and I read it over to them to ensure that we are both on the same page. I do not accept every client that approaches me because I am not always able to give their matter my full attention and they deserve my undivided attention.

May you always select clients who love your work and support your purpose.

To do List •

 Create a Refund Policy and share it with your customers.

• Decide under what circumstances you are willing to give a full cash refund.

Antoinette Sydney LB LEC CAMLFC CFRMP is an author and entrepreneur based in Trinidad and Tobago.




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