Top 10 ways to Launder Drug Money through a Casino: Free Anti Money Laundering Training in Trinidad!!

In casinos it is normal practice for patrons to enter with large sums of cash on their person. They sometimes go to the cashier’s cage and pay their cash and receive a chit or chips. They return to the table or game and place their bets. In Trinidad, casinos are called Private Members Clubs. Recently many restaurants also have a room where there is a roulette machine and various slot machines where patrons can gamble.

Here a 10 ways that money obtained from illegal activities can be laundered through a casino.

1.The casino may accept dirty cash and perform bank-like services where they may also facilitate money lending services;

2. An individual can go to the casino with dirty money and do some gambling, then cash out the chips and leave. I was told of an instance in Trinidad where the wife of a certain licensing officer was going to a certain private members club with $10,000 every night. Her husband gave her this money from bribe payments that he collected to issue licenses.

3.Friends or associates can be recruited to take a certain sum of cash each and they will also be given instructions to gamble on certain tables or machines and different casinos and locations. Each person can be paid a commission. They will also be told when to leave the casino of course after they receive their winnings or cash the chit or coins. ;

4.Use money obtained from criminal activities to purchase food and beverages with cash  that will be prepared and sold or shared at the private members club. All receipts will be kept;

5.Employees salaries can be paid with dirty cash as a business expense;

6. A limited liability can be incorporated and a company bank account can be opened. The name of the company can be something related to the gambling industry, such as a security consulting firm.  All winnings from gambling can be deposited in this account. If required to disclose source of funds, you can show the chit or receipt from the casino;

7.Use online gambling casinos and play with bitcoin that may request an email address and a password. Your winnings will be paid to you using bitcoin;

8.Rent for the casino can be paid in cash derived from the proceeds of crime;

9.The entire casino can be used as a front to a money laundering operation. To keep up appearances, there can be drink specials, food on sale. I was in a maxi taxi and I heard the front seat passenger tell the driver about a new restaurant in east Trinidad where beers were being sold for $21.00 TTD.  The driver exclaimed that he doubted that the restaurant would be profitable. The co-pilot stated the restaurant was being used to wash money, so it would definitely be profitable.

10.Dirty money can be used to gamble at the casino and then winnings can be transferred to a the bank account of a charity that was created to wash money.

About the Author: Antoinette Sydney LLB LEC CAMLFC CFRMP is an author and entrepreneur based in Trinidad and Tobago.

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