How does Failure feel ? by Antoinette Sydney

Failure is the precursor of success. All of the lessons are learned in failure.This is where all the adjustments and upgrades are made. In my humble opinion , it is the perceived embarrassment that people feel,as a result of failure that is debilitating.

Allow yourself to try , and try with all your heart. Allow yourself to fail! Take that risk! It is the person that you become throughout the process that will attract your billions.

You are not like everyone else. You are persistent in the face of adversity , you smile! So to answer your question, failure feels familiar. It feels like I am learning valuable lessons that will align me with the path that is best for my highest good.

About the Author: Antoinette Sydney LLB LEC CAMLFC CFRMP is an author and entrepreneur based in Trinidad and Tobago.

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