How to predict the future !!!! by Antoinette Sydney

Your subconscious mind is a silent observer of your thoughts,words and action . Your subconscious mind does not understand negative commands . Check your thoughts hourly , conduct a weekly audit to see if your thoughts are negative or positive .

Develop positive affirmations that are easy to remember . Purchase the beads used in meditation and repeat your chant at least 108x. Honestly believe that it will come to past ,eliminate all doubt in your mind. See yourself graduating with that degree ,imagine your spouse congratulating you on that new business .

An important ingredient is “feeling”. You must feel that you have already received what you have asked of Source.

Your subconscious mind will now bring it to reality . It is now important for you to avoid all negativity ,go on a news fast . It is done.

About the Author: Antoinette Sydney LLB LEC CAMLFC CFRMP is an author and entrepreneur based in Trinidad and Tobago


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