Sole Trader vs Limited Liability Company in Trinidad and Tobago

Do you want to register a business in Trinidad and Tobago but you are not sure if you should register a Sole Trader or a Limited Liability Company?

Order my eBook now for only $19.99 USD to learn everything that you need to know:

What are the differences between a Sole Trader Business and a Limited Liability Company?

•What is a Sole Trader Business?

• Benefits of registering a Sole Trader Business;

• What are the Advantages vs Disadvantages of Sole Trader Business?

•How to complete the Name Search Application?

•How to complete the Application for Registration by an Individual?

 •What to do if the Business name is Queried?

• What to do if the name is Declined?

 •How much does it cost to register a Sole Trader?

•How long does the process take?

What are the requirements to open a Sole Trader Business Bank Account?

• What is a Limited Liability Company?

• What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Limited Liability Company?

• How to complete the Name Search (Form 25)

• How to Complete Form 1

• How to complete Form 27

• How to complete Form 4

• How to complete Form 8

• When will the Certificate of Incorporation be ready for collection?

• Cost to Register a Limited Liability Company in Trinidad and Tobago

• How long does the process take?

• Requirements to Open Your Company Bank Account.

You will also learn how to correctly complete the forms to register your Sole Trader Business and your Limited Liability Company.

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