What do I need to open a company bank account for a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Trinidad and Tobago?

Congrats on your Limited Liability Company. Your next step is to open a company bank account. I will discuss all the requirements shortly. While I have your attention, please S.U.B.S.C.R.I.B.E. to my Youtube Channel.

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The general requirements to open a company bank account for a Limited Liability Company are:

1.Certificate of Incorporation;

2. The Incorporation documents, these are Forms 1,4,8,27,

3.Most Recent Annual Returns;

4.Two valid forms of Government issued, photo identification for each director;

5.A utility bill in your name, if the bill is not in your name, you will need an authorization letter from the person whose name appears on the utility bill and a copy of their unexpired Government issued photo identification. I am always telling my clients to get a utility bill in their name. See my YouTube video where I explain the importance of this.

6.A Company Stamp with your registered company name on it.

7.Special letters such as a letter of request, a letter requesting online banking.

8.Cash Flow Projections for three years.

9.Some banks require a Board of Inland Revenue (BIR) number each director and for the conmpany;

10.By-Laws, if applicable.

11.Additional documents such as F.I.U (Financial Intelligence Unit) Registration.

Other documents may be required according to the sector that you operate in.

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