Gift Guidance Not Career Guidance

Young people do not do a degree without a plan!! You will end up unemployed and mentally distressed. A degree requires at least 3 years of study and sacrifice. Imagine being unable to find a job after that. Student debt is a reality.

My humble advice is to find your gift. Your gift is what you do with the least effort and it ignites your passion. Your calling or what the Universe has bestowed upon you. Your education should refine your gift. It is important that you try different things. Take that summer job in the supermarket. It will teach you communication skills.

Say yes to unpaid internships, explore the world of business. Find out what you like. Find yourself. Create a plan to take a course of a degree that will teach sharpen your skills.

There are many free courses in Trinidad, YouTube is a free online learning platform if used wisely. There are short courses that you can complete and you will earn more than your counterparts who did a degree in a field that they have no interest in.

The author is the first Online Lawyer  based in Trinidad and Tobago. She specializes in FIU/AML Compliance.

Services include:

AML/FIU Training;

AML Audits;

Compliance Officer Outsourcing;

Drafting of Compliance Program

She is a Certified Professional in the following areas:


Corporate Training;

Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crimes;

Fraud Risk Management; Graphic Design

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