Time to Change: Your Season is here!!!!

I have been blessed by 10 butterflies this week. Butterflies are in abundance, have you noticed? Fluttering with the wind they dance with nature. The Universe is talking to you.

I approached my home and saw my neighbor who always calls me “young lady”. He had long hair but about a year ago he cut it. I usually comment on his hair growth and he smiles as he sips his coffee. Today , I asked him if he noticed a lot of butterflies lately. He advised me that the butterflies are a sign that the seasons of your life are changing.

If you know me personally, I am easily fascinated by learning new information. My mind was blown. I walked home confident that my season is here.

Young man, young woman, your time is now. Make no excuses. This is your life. Your season has arrived, your life will change in a positive way. In all things, give thanks.

The author is the first Online Lawyer  based in Trinidad and Tobago. She specialises in AML Compliance.

Services range from AML Training, AML Audits, Drafting AML Compliance Programs, Consulting.

She is a Certified Professional in the following areas:


Corporate Training;

Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crimes;

Fraud Risk Management; Graphic Design

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