How to Close Down a Company In Trinidad ?

Closing down a Company in Trinidad is a complex process. There are employees involved as well as creditors. A company may be dissolved because of irreparable damage to reputation or accruing penalties for failure to file Annual Returns .

The process to close down a company takes a minimum of 6 months. The notice of application is advertised in the Gazette and persons who are owed money may get involved .

After the application to dissolve the company is filed , a new company can be formed . The new name cannot be the same as the name of the company that was dissolved . It can be close but the records will show that your proposed name is already reserved. After the dissolving process is completed , the name will become available again.

How to dissolve the Company

File an application that will state the name of the company ,the company registration number ,the reason for dissolving the company among other things. The application must be signed by 2 directors or the Corporate Secretary of the company .


The Author is an Attorney at Law in Trinidad . She specializes in Financial Crimes and Corporate Law . She is a certified Corporate Trainer and a Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert and a Fraud Risk Manager .

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