What are PEPS? AML Compliance Consultants

PEPS- refers to Politically Exposed Persons.

These are persons entrusted with a prominent public function. There are various categories of PEPS such as foreign PEPs, domestic PEPs and International Organization PEPs.

According to FATF these PEPS are deemed to be higher risk customers because they can use their status and influence to commit money laundering offences and other predicate offences.

This week on my Youtube Channel I explore the following topics:

What are PEPS;

What are the various Categories of PEPS?

Why are PEPS deemed to be higher risk customers?

How to conduct EDD on PEPS?

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The Author is an attorney at law based in Trinidad. She specialises in AML and Fraud and Risk Management.

Website http://asydneygroup.com

For a quotation, email sydney@asydneygroup.com

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