Say No to Bad Debt

She was advised that her position was made redundant and that her services were no longer required. She spent 12 years at the bank. She refused to accept the separation package and decided to ask for a transfer to another location or division of the bank. She was approaching 51 years and she considered herself to be a difficult hire. She was aware that the job market was tough and since she did not further her education post secondary school, her chances were limited.

I asked her why did her position suddenly become redundant. She told me that she refused to offer customers credit cards and loan facilities. She said that she lamented the indebtedness of the customers in the queue to pay off their credit cards. It was a refreshing view, that a bank employee did not believe in taking credit cards and loan facilities when it was not needed.

It is loan sale time. As the Christmas season approaches, there are jingles on all radio stations with loan promotions. I visited the bank to make my loan application. The loans officer offered me a credit card and $20,000 extra. I told her that I had no use for $20,000 cash currently. This also meant a longer period to repay the loan. I asked her whether the additional $20,000 could be placed in a mutual fund. That way, a lower interest rate would be offered. Also, the bank will hold the $20,000 as collateral. I agreed to this proposition.

A word to the wise, you may be offered a credit card or additional money by your friendly, neighborhood banker. But remember that if you do not need it, do not take it. The banks thrive on excessive interest rates and credit card late fees. If you do not need it, do not take it.

The author is an attorney at law based in Trinidad.She specialises in AML/CFT and Fraud Risk Management . Website :

What’s app 868 484-7778



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