Why Worry??????????

What are you worrying about, you have me, he reassured. I listened to the differently abled man on the bus. He was telling his friend that he knew of a program that could earn $60,000 a year. He was explaining this to the man and trying to get him to invest in the program as well. The man was being cautious and expressing his concerns. But the differently abled man was hopeful to get an additional person to join under his leadership. Although I do not trust these multi level marketing schemes, I was pleased by the question. “What are you worrying about?”. The question makes absolute sense.

What is there to gain from worrying? Absolutely nothing. The outcome is simply distress and sleepless nights. While the subject of your worry is not in the least bit concerned about you. I refuse to destroy my body by consuming harmful substances and in the same breath, I refuse to harm my mind and body, by worrying about things that I cannot control.

The author is an attorney at law based in Trinidad.She specialises in AML/CFT and Fraud Risk Management . Website : http://asydneygroup.com.

What’s app 868 484-7778

Instagram @asydneygroup.com


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