True Friends are rare: Trinidad Online Entrepreneur

She carried a radiant smile on her face and her heart danced when she saw her friend approaching. Her friend asked whether she was taking a trip for a week when observed her large bag. Without being asked, her friend took the bag by the left handle while the elderly lady held the right handle. They then placed  the bag on the bench and both waited for the bus. I looked at them and marveled.

That was a great illustration of true friendship. Without having to ask for help, a true friend will gaze into your eyes and see that your soul is troubled. They will help you to carry the burdens as they come. It is a partnership where each person feels valued and eager to help. I am grateful that I have a similar friend who sticks closer than a brother.

I beg of you , if you have a true friend, cherish him or her.

Hi Hustlers!!!!! I am Antoinette Sydney LLB LEC CAMLFC CFRMP Attorney at Law Bar No: SYA2015211!

I help you open your Business Bank Account and I sell ebooks showing you how to register your own business in Trinidad and Tobago. I give FREE business TIPS and FREE Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Training on my YouTube ChannelSubscribe and turn on post Notifications to be the first to see all my videos!

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Graphic Design.

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Updated 11th Feb 2019

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