Change your mind and change your life

The mind is a terrible thing to waste. It is better than any app that may be developed and is oftentimes never used to optimum capacity. Our species has the luxury of being able to think. Yet very few think critically. I long for conversations with original ideas and thoughts. Instead I am always asked whether I have seen the latest trending videos. If you want to earn money that you never earned before, you must change your thinking.

Average people earn average incomes. Extraordinary people have a huge pay day. I do not know a successful person who is bitter and negative. They are always optimistic and fun to be around, even magnetic. You must believe in yourself first. You must believe in your success and future happiness. You must visualize it, then work to make that vision a reality.


The author is an attorney at law based in Trinidad.She specialises in AML/CFT and Fraud Risk Management . Website :

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True Friends are rare

She carried a radiant smile on her face and her heart danced when she saw her friend approaching. Her friend asked whether she was taking a trip for a week when observed her large bag. Without being asked, her friend took the bag by the left handle while the elderly lady held the right handle. They then placed  the bag on the bench and both waited for the bus. I looked at them and marveled.

That was a great illustration of true friendship. Without having to ask for help, a true friend will gaze into your eyes and see that your soul is troubled. They will help you to carry the burdens as they come. It is a partnership where each person feels valued and eager to help. I am grateful that I have a similar friend who sticks closer than a brother.

I beg of you , if you have a true friend, cherish him or her.


The author is an attorney at law based in Trinidad.She specialises in AML/CFT and Fraud Risk Management. Website :

What’s app 868 484-7778