People will not always treat you as good as you treat them

A word of advice for young professionals, have a separate phone for business customers and friends. This will help you separate the two. It is also a good practice for when you expand the business, you can delegate tasks and have an assistant to answer the phone. I used my personal phone to call my business phone because it misplaced at home. On my personal phone , the number was saved as “Business Phone”, I searched the contact and dialed. I walked around the house to listen for the ringtone. Surprisingly, the phone was not far, however,  I was surprised that when I saw the missed call, the number was saved as “Ms. Sydney”.
I began wondering how my friends , colleagues and clients saved my numbers. I wondered what name I would see if I dialed my phone number on my friends’ phone. I came to the realization that people do not consider you the same way that you consider them.Regardless of how well you treat them, people with treat you the way that they value you. I no longer inconvenience myself to make someone comfortable, it is not worth it. When you appear too helpful, people take advantage of you.
The author is an attorney at law in Trinidad. She specialises in Anti Money Laundering, Countering the Financing of Terrorism and Financial Crimes. See the website : Instagram Whats app 1 868 484-7778 .

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