You are the author of your destination

Set your goal and pursue it. It is your life after all. If you do not like something, change it. We have limited time on earth and this time should not be used to complain. It should be used to live your best life. I looked at the rain , the droplets descended upon the blades of grass. I inhaled freedom and nature kissed me. I wanted to sing and dance in the rain.
I remembered the first time that my grandmother encouraged my siblings and I to play in the rain. We made paper boats and placed them in streams of water and cheered as they followed the course of the water. I remembered innocence and childhood well. I also remembered that I dreamed about doing the things that I do today. I smile and remember that there is still much for me to do. I also remember my days on the plantation and I vow to never work harder on the job than I do on myself.
I cannot blame anyone else for my position in life, the good and the bad are the outcome of my choices. I created my own turmoil and paradise with the choices that I made. I am grateful for the trials and tribulations that made me into the woman that I am today.