That Mountain is just a Grain of Sand: Mothers and their Sons: Fathers and their Daughters

I stood there searching for relief. The sun descended on the horizon and the birds fled to return home. His mother spoke to him for the first time in over a year. It was an awkward introduction, because blood was needed to ensure a surplus of blood before her surgery. Strained conversations and signs of discomfort were evident. No hugs were exchanged upon our arrival at the ward of the hospital.

Fathers love their daughters just as much as much as mothers love their sons. Admit it. That’s where we got the terms “daddy’s girl” and “mama’s boy”. There are boys with mommy issues who have grown into men with mommy issues. The same applies to girls with daddy issues and by extension women with daddy issues. This is a reality.

Forgiveness is expensive. I will not sugar coat it. It sounds good, but it is difficult to do. By forgiving, you are in effect releasing yourself from a bond that you created. The anger should leave once you forgive them. It becomes tricky when you have been thriving on the bitterness. Your soul has become a dark abyss of loneliness that you try to satisfy with meaningless encounters with women or men. These are the indicators I look for when I seek to identify a man with mommy issues or a woman with daddy issues.

I can assure you, every man has a soft spot for their mother. I am not concerned with your childhood experiences. I am saying once you see the queen of your heart on a hospital bed, and you cannot rescue her, you will forgive her. You will release the yourself from the self-inflicted hostage. My dear friend, that mountain that you created with your mother or father is a grain of sand. In the face of death approaching, a rush of emotions will overwhelm you. Embrace it.

The author is an attorney at law based in Trinidad.She specialises in Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism. Website :
What’s app 868 484-7778



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