When you possess great treasure within you,and you try to tell others of them,seldom are you believed !!

The crazies have it. I have always wondered about the possibility of  crazy people being sane ,and sane people actually being crazy. I question the substance of western medicine and the criteria used to deem a person to be mentally unstable. What if drug addicts are able to see the world as it really is? What if the homeless man ,high on his drug is really a tourist in paradise. It would be hilarious to learn how they view us,as the crazy ones,rushing to jobs that we hate ,staying in abusive relationships. We must be crazy.

It is a distinct honour to be labelled as crazy by your peers. It means that you are different and you are not confirming to their silly ideals .You are clearly different . All the greats have been called crazy before. People refer to you as crazy when they are unable to see things the way you do. A young man, who grew up in a deprived household,sleeping on the same mattress with his 6 siblings may be called crazy when he declares his intention to become a lawyer. That young man has used his imagination to create a version of reality where he can be anything that he wants to become. 

The crazies are usually the ones in movies predicting the fate of mankind ,and they usually become hermits after realising how silly people can be. The majority of the time,the crazies are right, and their warnings were ignored. They are laughed at  ,told that they should get a life. Once they get an understanding person to communicate with, they reveal their wealth of knowledge. 

In the concluding pages of the Alchemist,when confronted by soldiers and asked about their journey ahead,the old man truthfully told of their purpose and where he and the young man were headed. The soldiers laughed in amusement and allowed the old man and young boy to continue. People judge you by your appearance,and when you tell them of your goals in life ,they ridicule you. The quote adapted from the Alchemist stands true. The crazies have it.

The author is an attorney at law based in the island of Trinidad,she is a certified specialist in Anti Money Laundering and Financial Crimes.

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