If you like her,treat her well, do not hit her.

Who taught us how to love? Why do we teach our boys to pick on the girls that they like at school? Some boys think that being aggressive with girls will show the girls their  affection. As our boys grow older, they ridicule the girls they fancy with their peers. Our boys graduate from school and are still unable to be affectionate with  women.

I have been watching episodes of the Disney cartoon series  called the “DuckTales” 1987. One particular episode in season 2 episode 3 named “Bubbeo and Juliet” is instructive. This episode was released on September 20th 1989.In this episode, summer ended and Uncle Scrooge’s nephew’s (the lads) returned to school. On the first day of school, Bubba developed a crush on a girl called Juliet. The lads told him to ask her to have lunch with him,but he was clumsy and nervous around Juliet. He became frustrated and he just wanted to let her know that he was interested in her. Bubba raised his club and was about to hit Juliet on the head. The lads screamed at Bubba to stop. Webbie (a duckling) asked about Bubba’s actions. The lads explained that Bubba was a caveman and he showed his affection by hitting his crush with his club. Webbie told Bubba that he should not exhibit caveman behaviour at school and instead of hitting Juliet with his club, he should get her flowers. Her advice was profound in the context of a cartoon from the 80’s.

Our boys are of the opinion that showing emotions takes away from their masculinity. They enter into relationships with women and are unable to be affectionate . They remain cold,distant and aggressive and the relationship suffers. Their seeds bring forth children who are strangers to affection. The father hits the mother of his children and swears that he loves her and I verily believe him. He has not learned how to hold the hand of his lover, how to rub her feet after a long day at the office. When the mother of his children seeks affection outside of the relationship he hits her because he thinks his masculinity is challenged. It is not too late to  teach our boys : If you like her , treat her well, do not hit her.



A.Sydney is an attorney at law by profession in Trinidad and Tobago. She specializes in AML/CFT/FIU  Compliance, Taxation and provides Corporate Secretarial Services. Kindly explore the website for her portfolio of companies: http://asydneygroup.com .



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