The longer you fight in the ring of life,the stronger you become.

Everyone has problems. Rich people have rich people problems, while poor people have poor people problems.  You may feel defeated in the ring of life. You may feel battered , bruised and hopeless. I urge you to hold on. Just one more day. Keep your head up throughout this period.

Although I dislike watching wrestling, I endure it for the sake my mother. She explained that each wrestler had signature moves that would debilitate the opposition. Every week, I watch at least  one match with her,she is always thrilled for the company. Both wrestlers fought relentlessly. They inhaled each other’s perspiration. The crowd chanted one wrestler’s name as he subdued his enemy. The referee sat beside the fighters  to count . At the mention of the number 2, the subdued wrestler furiously shook his leg to indicate that he was not ready to give up. The opponent of my  mother’s favourite wrestler looked exhausted. The commentator stated that the longer the favoured wrestler fought, the stronger he became. With great anticipation , my mother awaited the signature moves to be executed. The favoured wrestler  positioned his back against the ropes of the ring. He charged at his enemy, he performed what is termed  a ‘spear’. The other wrestler fell helplessly to his knees. The referee counted 1…2…3. No sign of movement from the now defeated wrestler. Victory was declared in favour of my mother’s preferred wrestler.

Sometimes you have to continue working on your dream despite your current situation. It is better to be delusional as you navigate through the rough seas of your life than to be depressed by your scary reality. Even if you lack a support system, you will learn to encourage yourself. Fight the good fight , your enemy will give up before you.

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