Don’t throw all of ¬†your salt at the first frog you see,not all frogs are princes in disguise.

I strongly advise against changing all your colours  for someone that you just started dating.When they are gone ,you will lose yourself too. Present a challenge to them, let them earn your trust . Give it time. We have grown used to instantaneous messaging, and we have erroneously accepted this as communication. We no longer get  to know our partners , we ‘talk’ for a minute, then we take the relationship to the next  level. We render ourselves irrevocably vulnerable. In the event that we are dating a sociopath, this person may lose interest after feasting on your tender flesh. You cannot undo the deed at this point,what’s done is done. 

There was a loud scream that disrupted the still of the night. My mother ran to the kitchen for  table salt to chase a frog that was relaxing on the walkway. Her racing heart vibrated in her chest and she was gasping for breath. Naturally, I peeped to see the commotion. She attempted to sprinkle some white, table salt on the frog, she missed. And the frog and I laughed. Then my mother emptied the entire contents of the jar of salt on the ground. The frog hopped away, rolling his big eyes at her. My mother was relieved that she nevertheless chased the frog away. The frog on the other hand, was irritated at the inconvenience. My mother then informed me that we were out of salt. Although I was displeased at the wastage , I had to lecture my mother about another life lesson. 

I told her that we should distribute our salt in direct proportion to the sugar that we receive. We ought not to give all of  our salt to the first person that we meet. Most times that person is just bored and is looking for entertainment ,this is the equivalent to saying thatnothing seriousis desired. Do not inconvenience yourself for any temporary person. Treat your salt with the value that it deserves. Your salt should not be dashed upon every attractive person that you see. Give them one grain of your precious salt and see how they react. See if this person respects you as a human being and not as a salt machine. Wait to see if they are sweet to you, this is what I mean by offering you sugar. Observe how they address the gas station attendants, pay attention to the tone used when they address waitresses as restaurants. Notice their actions, compare these to their words and ensure that there is consistency. I appreciate the fact that it is your salt and you can distribute it as you please. I am just cautioning you that after you waste all of your salt on someone who hops out of your life, you will have no taste.


How to Register with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in Trinidad and Tobago

The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of Trinidad and Tobago has been incorporated under the Financial Intelligence Act to implement anti money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism policies. It is imperative that non regulated financial institutions and listed businesses register with the FIU in an effort to contribute to the development of the local economy. Money launderers typically hide their actions through a series of steps to create the illusion that money came from legal sources, when the opposite is true[1]. Adverse effects of money laundering on the local economy include an imbalance in cash flow, additional printing of money, crippling inflation and an overall weakened economy.

What is money laundering?

Money laundering is the process by which illegally obtained money is channeled through the economy in order to make it appear to be attained from a legitimate source. Anti money laundering is the process of combating this channeling of funds and related activities.

What is the Financing of Terrorism?

The financing of terrorism refers to the solicitation, collection or provision of funds, from both legal and illegal sources for the purpose of supporting terrorist acts or organization.

What is the role of the Financial Intelligence Unit?

The FIU is the primary institution for the collection of financial intelligence and information and the analysis, dissemination, and exchange of such financial intelligence this will also include information among law enforcement authorities, financial institutions and listed business[2]

Which businesses are required to register with the FIU?

Non Regulated Financial Institutions[3]

  • Credit Union
  • Building Society
  • Money or Value Transfer Services

Listed Businesses[4]

  •  Motor Vehicle Sales
  • Real Estate
  • Gaming House
  • Pool Betting
  • National Lotteries On-Line Betting Games
  • Jeweler
  • A Private Members’ Club
  •  An Art Dealer
  • An Accountant, an Attorney-at-law or other Independent Legal Professional
  • Trust and Company Service Providers 

What is the procedure to register with the Financial Intelligence Unit?

The FIU Form RG 1 must be printed from the FIU website and completed. This form must be submitted to the office of the Financial Intelligence Unit within three months of the registration of the company or business. Within 14 days the FIU will confirm receipt of your registration documents by email or phone call. The FIU will indicate whether your certificate is ready for collection.

What is the penalty for failing to register with the FIU?

According to FIU Regulation 28 (2) there is a $50,000 fine for failure by a supervised entity to register with the FIU and an additional fine of $5000 for each day the offence continues upon summary conviction.






The author is an attorney at law based in Trinidad . She specilaises in anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism.

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There is peace in the Storm

The song writer said to stand in the rain, you wont drown. Another asked can you stand the rain? Then in a balad the song writer wished that it would rain down on him.Yet when the tempest roars,we want to jump ship. In many cultures there are rituals to invite the rain. The flowers need the rain to grow, the birds need the rain to shower. We shelter from the rain, we stay home from work because it was raining. I have learned to dance in  torrential downpours. I have learned to smile when tears were pouring down my dimples. There is oftentimes a blessing to be enjoyed after the storm. The rain will wash away your past pain. I no longer sing nursery rhymes to chase the rain away. I have a fire burning in the depths of my soul that the rain cannot master. There will not always be sunshine in your life. You may face a storm, where everything seems to be going wrong. But there is beauty after pain. A rainbow follows the storm. There is joy after sorrow. Count your blessings in the storm, your pocket may be empty but your children are well fed. Summon the rain, welcome the storm then hold you head up and conquer the storm.

You get stronger when your destiny is almost fulfilled

Have you ever noticed a strong smell being emitted by your tank of cooking gas when it is almost empty? Propane is a colorless,odorless gas ,yet the  cylinder of cooking gas emits a sharp smell at the end of the life of the tank. The odor is called mercaptan and it is installed to let the user know that the cooking gas is finishing . I observed the pungent odor being emitted by my gas tank and I reflected on life. You will face your greatest challenges when your destiny is almost fulfilled. You will face intense opposition when you are close to your goal. Your breakthrough is around the corner when all your loved ones abandon you. You are on the brink of success when your best friends betray you. At this juncture, you must encourage yourself. Giving up must not be a consideration. Your faith will be tried and tested , but you must believe in yourself. Your foes and friends will notice when you are about to blow up. You will emit a strong aura of success and progress that may foster jealousy and rumours. But please be reminded that no one kicks a dead dog according to Sir Dale Carnegie. Enjoy the rumours,it means that you are relevant and trending. Rest assured that you will win soon .