HOW to stop worrying, enjoy your brief existence in this realm

The good book of fairytales teaches us that his eyes are on the sparrow. Animals  do not work,yet they are sustained. I have never seen a bird begging bread. We make ourselves sick  with worry. We worry about worrying,then we escape our dreadful realities by consuming intoxicating substances. Unfortunately, we still have to deal with our realities when the smoke clears . A better approach is to face the problem directly . There is no need to worry after you deal with the source of your worry. The immortal Mr. Dale Carnegie warned that worrying destroys your ability to concentrate. Our ability to make good decisions may be impaired when we are consumed with worry.

Tips to stop worrying:

1.Analyse the situation.

Here you will ascertain whether the situation is beyond your control. If this is the case,you can try to gradually remove yourself from a situation that is dangerous to your health . On the other hand,if the problem is something than you can have control over , consider the worst case scenario.

2. Reconciliation and acceptance

Once you consider the worst case scenario, you are heading in the right direction. Think about the absolute worst thing that can arise from your situation, embrace it and accept it. This will put put a dent in your tendency to worry and be easily excitable. You will feel a peace in the depths of your once troubled soul. You will realise that there is an opportunity in your problem.

3. View the situation objectively .

Remember to withdraw your emotional investment in the situation. Carefully consider all angles , and think of all persons involved.

4.Determine whether you can improve on the worst case scenario.

Write 5 possible solutions to your problem. Take a walk , free your mind of the problem for at least 15 minutes, then return to solving your problem.

In essence,you will stop worrying, once you deal with your problem.


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