There is a time to Reverse and a time to Drive: The Beema that stalled…

If you fail to change your gears,you will blow your transmission.I observed a BMW X5 approaching the intersection and then it remained motionless. The headlights were still ignited , so I did not suspect that the vehicle shut down. Other cars approached the BMW and waited briefly before taking over. No hazard lights were used by the driver of the BMW to signal that he was having difficulties. None of the motorists stopped to offer assistance, so I left the window and told my dad that the BMW stopped in the intersection outside our residence. My dad cracked the door and started , he was giggling. He was surprised that the transmission was crying. The car sounded like a Datsun 120Y. My dad informed me that the driver was having a hard time shifting into drive. Prior to stalling ,the driver attempted to reverse ,he succeeded,but he was unable to shift the gears back into drive.  He mashed the accelerator and the engine roared,but the vehicle did not move an inch. His problem was his failure to change into the appropriate gear. I returned to the window to investigate whether the driver of the BMW was offered any assistance. He was still trying to go forward,while using the wrong gear. I stood and I reflected on human nature and the inability of the driver to progress because he did not recognize his error in a timely fashion.

Lesson Learnt:

Failure to shift into the appropriate gear will spoil your transmission. Many of us go through life repeating our mistakes without recognizing our errors. It is foolish to not know the appropriate gear for the desired outcome. There are different seasons in our  lives and we have to adapt with the changes. More importantly, we have to know what is required of us at the particular juncture. The larger picture is that a vehicle is still a vehicle,regardless of the country of origin. At some point in time, the vehicle may cease to function as well as it once did. The vehicle is still subject to the elements of the weather. It will still require fuel from a service station to work. We ought not to get caught up and  think that we are superior to others because we are operating machinery from various parts of the world.

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