Dream On: Keep your dream alive and resist the urge to succumb to reality

In his refreshing poem titled,  In Your Hands Martin Carter said “I do not sleep to dream, but dream to change the world”. Life is a dreadful abyss without dreams. Day dreaming is nourishing for the soul while dreams at night rejuvenates the human spirit. Deadlines are important to realize your dreams. Short term goals are essential in bringing your dreams to pass. I am a dreamer. The circumstances beyond my control are temporary inconveniences that must be endured on my path to achieve personal excellence.

Frank Sinatra in his infinite wisdom warned us to dream, dream, dream is his song Dream. He cautioned that things were never as they seemed. Your present situation does not in anyway define your ultimate destination. I live to dream. We are the generation of dreamers. We have challenged the status quo and oftentimes it was the result of a dream.

Aerosmith told us to “dream until your dreams come true” in their classic song called ¬†Dream on . Do not be misguided, you must be diligent to make you dreams come to life. You will face disappointments and failures on your journey. Let your dream be your operating guide, ignore the opposition . I am yet to see ¬†statues of critics. Put away your feelings in your pockets, descend the stairs of your ivory towers and work relentlessly.

Good night, wishing you sweet dreams, and DREAM ON! Subscribe to my Youtube

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